11 email etiquettes your business should adapt

It’s important for businesses to be courteous and professional while communicating to their clients.

ettiquetteThis is the number one rule for sealing any deal, especially via email. Poor communication will lead to loss of business.

That’s   why business email etiquette is very important.

Here are ways you should consider while sending out business emails:

  1. Choose your email address wisely

This is normally the first impression and it determines how you are perceived.

  1. Greetings

Before starting off always start with saying hi to the person you are sending the email for example “Hello John”. You see, personalizing the message make him or her feel the message is meant for him to read. At the end of the message make sure you end up thanking the person for his or her time.

  1. Keep them short and sweet

Long conversations are a thing of the past. Be brief and straight to the point citing what you want. Some of your customers may be busy people and it’s, therefore, important to save time.

  1. Use proper tone

Now, a friendly tone should be used to convey any message in the email. Overuse of emoticons and exclamations are not allowed. Actually, the only emoticon that should be used is the happy face emoticon


Look for a unique and friendly way to convey your message with of course with proper punctuation.

  1. Hyperlinks

Instead of copying and pasting a whole URL you can shorten it to look more professional and increase the click through rate. Long URLs look spammy.

  1. Grammar and Spelling

Spelling and grammar should be checked before hitting the send button. There are a lot of tools out there that check spelling mistakes always use them.

Hackers have found a way sending viruses via links and attachments. Be sure to scan all your attachments and links to make sure that they are safe.

To add on attachments, it’s always good to ask the recipient for permission since you find that most companies are given a specific storage capacity they pay for.

  1. Proper font

Here the recommended fonts to use in an email.

  • Times New Roman
  • Georgia
  • Veranda
  • Calibri
  • Book Antiqua


  1. Connect you email to your phone

To avoid keeping your customers at the other end waiting to connect your email inbox to your phone. This gives you real-time alert and prompts you to reply especially if it’s something urgent.

  1. Learn to write perfect subject line

A subject line is the first thing a person sees even before opening an email. Proper mastery of this first line can boost the rate at which your emails are opened. However, research shows that emails without a heading get the most click through rate

  1. Inform your client when leaving

Whether you off for a vacation always alert your client. It’s rude to leave an email unanswered.

  1. Follow up on your email

This should be done a week after sending an email to confirm if the client received your email or not. After this, you can drop them another email or call them.

  1. Consider time differences

You should always consider this, especially when requesting for a call. Consider having the time differences all worked out.

What other email etiquettes do you use in your business? Leave a comment below