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6 Steps in Developing Entrepreneurial Leadership

Whether you are starting a business or managing a business venture, entrepreneurial leadership takes its toll in the corporate world. Successful entrepreneurs are expected to be experts in the fields of innovation, change management, value formation, and guidance through uncertain corporate circumstances and transitions. So, how would you be able to develop all these before you become the best corporate [Read More...]

5 Simple yet profitable business ideas

Ever thought of quitting your job?  If so then I hope you are aware that starting a business is risky, the first risk being the failure of the business.  Now, business ideas are so many. The key being finding the profitable one. Once you are ready to take a risk and work hard then I can guarantee you will succeed. Finding the best profitable Idea needs a lot of trial and era because if you have [Read More...]

Successful Strategies You Can Use To Pay Off Your Debt

With an increasing number of people falling into unmanageable amount of debts, it’s very important to come up with the best debt management strategies. Although it comes with a great deal of effort, as borrower, once you free yourself from debts it will be worth it. Do the numbers first- You need to ask yourself how much loan you have, what their total cost is and how much will they cost you [Read More...]


Entrepreneurs, who create businesses to provide solutions or create a new market niches, are growing. But the market space is limited and the competition is fierce. The following are few tips for entrepreneurs to succeed in their ventures. 1. Research, Research and Research Every entrepreneur should etch this in their mind. They must always research and do their assignment before venturing out. The [Read More...]

Challenging path towards successful entrepreneurship

The idea of being an entrepreneur is super cool, right? Running your own business that provides you a lifestyle you have always wanted, a chance to make money and to be “the boss” definitely sounds better then few decades ago when the reputation of an entrepreneur was followed by certain stereotypes. Before 80s, people who decided to run their own business were not considered the same as entrepreneurs [Read More...]

ShreeNandita Jewels – The Hidden Success Story now Revealed

ShreeNandita Jewels is a luxury jewelry brand in Jaipur offering a designer collection of diamond and fine jewelry. It is a fine jewelry brand that was inaugurated by Nandita Shekhawat, an entrepreneur, a mother, and a social activist. The lady is a true diva that stood by her grounds and ventured into the arena of jewelry designing to justify her creative zeal. Being a gifted creative seeker, she [Read More...]