Monthly Archives: October 2016

Why Go Green for the Economy?

More and more people these days wonder on the impact of going green on the economy as well as on the environment. This may involve changes on the car you drive, your lifestyle, the clothes you wear, and the bags you use in groceries. The choice of using recycled paper in business operation or the implementation of alternative power sources will benefit the economy and the environment. Below are [Read More...]

Has Your Operational Plan Failed – Its Time To Relook At It Again

In all businesses, financial planning is a must since serves as a direction that guides the business where it should be heading to. In today's business environment, it’s what helps the leaders and managers in  building effective systems and strong values. Depending on its application, it either be a failure or success. This is why it’s very important to follow all the steps. To succeed, the financial [Read More...]

9 steps in building a successful business in Canada

Want to start a small business in Canada? This article will give you seven steps to follow. Starting a business is good. But making it successful is where the task is. A good formula to follow before starting any business is very important. The great business idea always starts with an idea. But you know what? You must turn that idea into action. Don’t make the mistake of getting stuck at the [Read More...]

7 checklists that determine if you are ready for entrepreneurship

Not all people who venture into entrepreneurship are successful, right? To be successful you need to pass through some key checklists. You just don’t wake up one day and decide to be an entrepreneur. It has to be something that you really want to do and not just for money. Entrepreneurship needs preparation and determination of course. In this article, you are going learn some checklists that [Read More...]

7 Reasons why businesses fail #7 is a must read

It’s so sad that 8 out 10 businesses fail within the first ten to eighteen months after start up. Failure is something painful and can lead to distress. All this can be avoided if proper planning is done at the beginning. But before that, Here are 10 reasons why businesses fail.  Make sure you learn from these reason failures.   Not investigating on the Target Market and competition So [Read More...]