7 checklists that determine if you are ready for entrepreneurship

Not all people who venture into entrepreneurship are successful, right?

To be successful you need to pass through some key checklists. You just don’t wake up one day and decide to be an entrepreneur.

It has to be something that you really want to do and not just for money. Entrepreneurship needs preparation and determination of course. In this article, you are going learn some checklists that determine or show if you are an entrepreneur.

Here are the simple checklists that determine if you are truly an entrepreneur:


  1. Have a Vision and Clear strategy


Not everyone will buy your idea or conquer with it and that’s okay. The best way to prove them wrong is by taking action and being successful. Simply don’t force people into accepting your idea. As an entrepreneur, you should see a vision where others don’t.

Having a vision also involves focusing on the main thing made you start the business. Discipline in utilizing the cash in hand is also very important to help cash flow. Mismanagement of funds is the number one reason that leads to failure of businesses or even bankruptcy.

They take away here is to stay 100 percent determined and focused on your goal no matter what challenges you come across just keep your eyes focused.


  1. Creative Thinker

Visualizing an idea and turning it into a reality requires creative thinking. Creative thinking also plays a key role in the solving various challenges that arise.

  1. Proper Leadership and Managerial skills

Managing your business as an entrepreneur is acts as a pivot that determines if you will see your business thrive or sink. A good always is open to suggestion on what to Improve and always prefers giving credit rather than always getting credit. Honesty and being ethical is important because it builds trust to your customers.

  1. Competitive

You see, to be successful you need to be better than anyone else out there. An entrepreneur always wants to be the best and finds ways to be better than the competitor. There is this burning desire to be the best for every entrepreneur.

  1. Love to build new things

Successful new entrepreneurs always want to build new things and are always innovative. A good example in when snap chat declined a $3billlion dollars offer from Facebook. You see it not all about money but seeing the bigger picture and love to build more awesome stuff to your audience.

  1. Not afraid of failure

Failure in any business acts as a lesson to be better. Failure motivates one to try and overcome the challenges that you may have gone through. There is no reward without risk, successful entrepreneurs learned from their mistakes and succeeded eventually.

  1. Good example to others

To earn respect, entrepreneurs should lead by example. For example, when it comes to coming to work early, good communication skills etc.

Good behavior at work is also very important as the staff is always looking at what you do. You should have proper communication skills to help steer head the goals and vision of the business.

Simply making sure that everyone has the same thought when working.

Do you have anything else that determines to add on the success of an entrepreneur? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.