7 skills Every women entrepreneur should have.

Starting a business as a woman can be a little bit hard at first.

skillssThis is something that requires proper preparation earlier before even starting off on anything.

Look, 8 out 10 of all business fail and one of the main reasons is the lack of proper preparation.

Women are naturally persuasive than the males, therefore, this gives them a chance to do business more effectively and successfully. A little fine tuning of their persuasive skills can increase the success of their business. Here are the 10 tips that women can use:

  1. Problem Solving

It’s important before even selling a product to your customers; take the time to explain to them why you think your service might be of great help to them. Explain to them how your service is different from your competitors and all the benefits they will receive.

Clear explanations build trust and most likely that customer will recommend you to his or her friends in the future.

Note: The only way to sell something to someone is by helping them first.

  1. Be Politely Persistence

As professionals, it’s always hard to persist to our customers but it pays off really well. A simple call to a client who rejected a service can make them change their mind even if they will not buy right away. However, a month later they have given the idea a thought and called you back.

  1. Time management

A lot of women face this a lot especially when they are trying to maintain a work-life balance. Women who have kids may find that most of their time is being drained while at home.

Women should have a strict schedule that will enable them have all aspects of their life and work balanced. Proper management, especially at the start of a business, is very imperative to maximize productivity.

  1. Proper setting of realistic goals

Learning to stay focused on a goal even when business is on the edge is something that can be challenging. As a woman entrepreneur, you should write down your goals down and have strategies on how you will achieve them.

Normally, goals in a business set the mood and tone in a business and keep you and your workers motivated. In simpler terms, goals are the driving force in your business

  1. Confidence

Lack of confidence demonstrates fear and you may lose credibility.

Confidence shows that you know what you are doing and increases the chances of you having a deal successful closed.

  1. Find something common

You see, finding out something common between you and your customer enables you to interact to a personal level.

Once you interact this it makes the customer have that attitude like they know you already. For example, if it’s a sport they like and find out you both have the same taste; have a good chat about the team and you will find out how this will really work out well.

  1. Negotiation skills

Women are less likely to negotiate more than men. The main reason behind this is because men are known to rational and logical in their decisions while women are emotionally driven.

Thy key takeaway here for women is that they should leave their emotions behind as entrepreneurs and act rational and logical while sealing any deal.

Do you have any other tips you can share? Let’s meet at the comment section.