9 steps in building a successful business in Canada

Want to start a small business in Canada? This article will give you seven steps to follow.

Starting a business is good. But making it successful is where the task is. A good formula to follow before starting any business is very important. The great business idea always starts with an idea.

But you know what? You must turn that idea into action. Don’t make the mistake of getting stuck at the start up level.

Here are the 7 key steps to follow:

  1. biz canadaCome up with a business plan.

The most important to do when starting off in a business is the cut on the cost as much as you can. Remember you are just testing out your ideas.

This is what you should write on your business plan.

  • Define your vision, mission, and realistic objectives
  • Outline your basic strategies of how you will meet your objectives.
  • Note down an action plan


  1. Learn How to take action

It’s easy to note down a plan. But how about implementing it?

Starting a business requires discipline. Taking action will help you move ahead and avoid delays.


  1. Determine your Price

Have a relatively standard price that will keep more customers come in. Don’t overprice or underprice them, the reason behind this is to make sure to quality is maintained. But if you are a complete newbie, don’t be afraid of pricing your prices a little bit lower than the big brands.

You can always price them higher later.


  1. Be aware of how long it may take before making your first sale

Having a knowledge of this helps to plan ahead. If it will take you three months to make your first sale, at least have six months budget to help you perform better to avoid frustration which can lead to underperformance.


  1. Determine your Market

This is basically figuring it out how you will get leads. Have a proper sales funnel. If its possible first get a website where your ideal customers will learn about your services online. Make the website simple and professional to gain profit online trust.

First Impressions when customers visit your site is very important.

  1. Test sales

You need to try different inexpensive and creative way to lead conversions. A good example is by Posting in Facebook groups which are related to your niche market. Don’t spam people, try to create value and then throw your products and services later. This way, people will be more than happy to buy from you since they already feel like they know you.

  1. Learn how to sell (Don’t be salesy)

Every now and then we are bombarded with ads everywhere. Take time to first know what your customer really wants and later offer a solution to their problems.

Take some time to learn how you can solve their problems. This way you will not be desperate business man or woman trying to sell.

  1. Get Certified

Having a certified license for example if you are a technician will build trust to your customers and see you as an expert in the field.

  1. Learn to be honest

Be transparent in your deals even when others are not. This will make your business stand out especially when you are starting up.

They say honesty is the best policy.