Challenging path towards successful entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship1The idea of being an entrepreneur is super cool, right? Running your own business that provides you a lifestyle you have always wanted, a chance to make money and to be “the boss” definitely sounds better then few decades ago when the reputation of an entrepreneur was followed by certain stereotypes.

Before 80s, people who decided to run their own business were not considered the same as entrepreneurs that we see today. They were simply different and incomprehensible by people who were working normally at their office, with clearly defined job description, without so many challenges or risks, stuck in their comfort zone. Meanwhile, as the relevance of companies like Microsoft or Apple was increasing, the image of an entrepreneur started to change towards the image of the entrepreneur of today. So by the end of the 90s, entrepreneurship finally became a trend.

Nevertheless, this trend and the fact of “being the boss” doesn’t always mean success. But how to create the path to success and what are the challenges you need to face with in order to become a real entrepreneur?

INVEST YEARS AND MONEY TO MAKE A REAL PROFIT. If it took five years for Facebook to become successful and profitable, imagine how much time an average entrepreneur needs to build a business. Profit doesn’t come so easy and with the development of good ideas and strategies every entrepreneur can make it possible. You just need to be ready to dedicate some time to it. If you want to make your business grow, invest in it.  If you want to make wealth, invest even more. Almost every simple business can bring you revenues and more complicated business can bring you wealth only if you invest.

FAIL 20 TIMES AND THE NEXT TIME YOU WILL SUCCEED. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur and those who failed at least once are on a good way to make it happen. If you try to avoid failures, think of the amount of the lost opportunities to learn some things you could not learn normally. It is acceptable to fail from time to time, but after that, learn how to react quickly and smart.

IF YOU THINK YOU ARE THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE ROOM, LEAVE. Another challenge in a row – people. Look around you and analyze people you work with. This may be the key to success. Managing people is not easy. Get to know your employees better, their needs and motivation, work with them, but remember – what differentiate an entrepreneur from an employee is the fact that the business is yours and sometimes you are all alone in it. So, find a reason for them to stay and make all of your resources directed to the one and unique goal. Some of those people are capable to do more then you expect.

THINK, ACT AND LIVE OUTSIDE THE BOX. It’s all about the idea. You think you have it? You think you developed it in details? You think you can make it real? Do you have enough knowledge? The series of questions can be long. The point is to keep learning, keep researching and do not lose any aspect of your business. Be involved in all the functions and follow some global trends. Align your business to the time you live in.