Do you want to increase productivity in business: Take Time Off

Do you want to increase productivity: Take Time Off

As a human being, you are not a machine and you will never be one. Although this is an obvious statement it hasn’t been understood by many. We normally work throughout the day and even throughout the night as if we are robots. Those kinds of work habits are not only unhealthy but erroneous and unhelpful. This is why if you want to increase your productivity you must learn to take time off.stress

It’s a norm to celebrate entrepreneurs who wear many hats and work for many hours but what many do not know is that this is a sure recipe for a complete burnout. As a matter of fact, it’s a bad habit that can jeopardize your health, business and the very life that you are supposed to support by working. It’s very easy to fall into this trap because it’s generally believed that those who work hard achieve more in more business. However, research has shown that you get more done faster when you stop every time to recharge your brain.

Why working a lot is not good

Working throughout not only leads to a burnout but is also not sustainable in the long run. We often treat working hard as an essential technique not knowing that it could be doing more harm than good to us. Many studies have in fact shown that multitasking is just a myth that cannot lead to quick success. The brain of a human being can only do enough and if you go beyond that you are overworking it which is not considered very healthy. The more work you do the less you are likely to remember things, filter information, or even sort out important tasks. It even becomes worse if you are a multitasker because you will become terrible in everything that you do.

More so, research has clearly shown that humans have a limited pool of cognitive resources hence and when you are draining them you are becoming less productive as the time goes. If they get severely depleted your productivity will eventually nosedive. In fact, at this level, you will have trouble solving even simple problems. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs consider rest as something that should only be enjoyed by lesser mortals. It’s as if each day has things that must be achieved no matter what.

It’s been noted that this is the kind of mentality that has kept great people stuck, exhausted and only reaping peanuts in terms of profits. Although this is the last thing you want to do it’s the most important thing for your businesses, life and health. Taking time off is very important. Any kind of performance and productivity often starts with a free time. It’s the fuel for the creativity, energy and focus that often leads to success. Once you have rested and rejuvenated, you can come up with a solution within a very short time.

When you are working on something and can’t seem to find the solution ask yourself whether you have gotten enough rest. Just like the heart the brain also gets tired from carrying out too many tasks without taking a rest. If you do too much you will definitely burn out and you would have made bad choices. Think about that.