Notable Signs that you should Stop Working and Start a business

Notable Signs that you should Stop Working and Start a business

Have you ever dreamt of quitting your 8-5 job? Do you feel that you are no longer engaged enough at your workplace? According to research, a staggering 80% of people have reported that they are no longer fired up working for other people. Despite knowing what is good for us we have a tendency of sticking to something even when it seems that it’s no longer tenable. But what signs should you look for when you want to start a business? Here are some unmistakable signs.

You are just bored

If you are no longer challenged at what you are doing, maybe it’s time to quit. Although boredom is a normal feeling, if you get continuously bored then it’s advisable to try out something else. In fact, prolonged boredom while working is a clear indication that employment is no longer working for you. For instance, if you are spending most of your time playing games instead of working, you need to reconsider your values and go into business. If you are sure that you have more to offer there is no point of sticking to something that is not working anymore. Quit and start something that inspires you.

Your goals are clashing

Normally, people do no stay on jobs for as long as they want but rather because they have passion and mission to do that particular job. Its, therefore, important to think whether you are investing your time well or not. You need to ask yourself if your company’s mission is the same things you believe in. Your answer to these questions will determine whether you still need the job or not. The good thing is that all of us have a business trait and what matters is only how we approach the idea.

Lack of focus

If your job is stressful, you might find it very hard to focus on what you are doing. Instead, you will direct your energy at dealing with the stresses of the job. You will realize that instead of feeling encouraged you feel so much drained after a day of work. Apparently, when you are doing what you enjoy you will always be looking forward to that every day. If you feel like your work is a waste of time and maybe you need to do something else, then it’s the best time to quit. Life is far too short to continue doing something that does not inspire you.

You are not improving

Have you ever realized that however much you try you don’t seem to grow? Although it’s easy to get stuck especially if you enjoy what you are doing, what you must remember is that this will only stagnate your growth. Every job that you do should strengthen your skills and add value to your life in the form of growth. In case this is not taking place may be its time to move on. If you are  doing the same thing daily without learning anything new , move on to something else. This will not only lead to development but will ensure that you are doing something that you enjoy.