Want to Put Your Business on the Map- Here Are the 5 Ways to Market It

Want to Put Your Business on the Map- Here Are the 5 Ways to Market It

If you ask any entrepreneur who is just starting out one thing they will tell you is that the most challenging thing is attracting and retaining the customers. It’s true that marketing a new business cannot be costly and difficult. Small start-ups also lack the luxury of outsourcing services such as marketing. Thankfully, there are a handful of practices that do not require you to spend a lot in terms of time and resources. Here are some helpful secrets that you can apply to market your business.


Increase customer engagement and lead generation with email marketing

According to recent research, email marketing is one of the most effective tools for marketing. It’s actually the one that delivers the best ROI and the least difficult to carry out. You can start a newsletter that gives the best information about your business, promotions, and special offers. This not only keeps your products and services in their minds but also help you build a community of customers. As an entrepreneur, you do not need to pay anybody to build this list since you can do it easy with services such as Mail Chimp.

Address the customer’s short attention spans

Nowadays, consumers do not spend a lot of time learning about business and what they have on offer. If you cannot attract customers within the first few seconds then it can be hard to sell your products. It’s, therefore, very important to a take advantage of their short attention span to market your services or products.

Focus on solving problems

Most businesses often succeed because they are started with the sole aim of solving a problem. If your aim is to make a lot of money then you are bound to fail. Look for a problem then go out there and solve it. The moment you start solving problems you will see money trickling in.  Also, ensure that you are providing the best customer care services even as you continue with the marketing process. Taking good care of customers is the best way to attract and retain customers.

Create local awareness

Gaining coverage in trade magazines, local papers, and other publications is also a good way to market your business. This is also the best way to educate people about your products. While established businesses may hire consultants to do this, many start-ups may do with simple marketing strategies that do not require a lot. You can start by researching about writers and publications that cover your local business or industry. Go ahead and draft a pitch that will elicit their interest.

Use your satisfied customers

As a business, you can also use satisfied customers to market your business in the best way. You can actively engage your customers through social media, PR and even email’s. For instance, you can decide to pitch your business together with satisfied customers when you are seeking out publications. This strategy generally leads to a stronger relationship and a compelling story that not only let customers share their story but also allows you to market your business.

Remember, marketing a small business is very important. Thankfully, you do not have to use a lot of money to make your business popular.  These simple tactics will go a long way to ensure that your business is on the map.