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Asking Price $: 199,999

Canada, Alberta
Sales Revenue $: 300,000

Cash Flow $: 70,000
Website design and hosting business that has been run profitable for over seven years. The agency provides website design services, website maintenance services, and website hosting (third party reselling) for predominantly WordPress websites. Ownership is pretty hands-off and there is around $100,000/yr in maintenance plans and recurring revenue. The business has expansion potential, or can add additional revenue to an already functioning business in a related sector.
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    Welcome to the business for sale marketplace in Alberta. If you are looking to buy a business in Alberta, you are in the right place. You can browse all the businesses listed on our marketplace, look at their price, sales revenue and images, so you find the right one for you.

    Alberta is a province with prosperous businesses in Western Canada. It has many profitable businesses for sale in diverse sectors. The asking price can vary from a few thousands up to several millions. proudly present you all the businesses for sale in Alberta


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