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Asking Price $: 169,000

Edmonton, Alberta

We are a Cell Phone Repair Specialist who also doubles as Mobile device accessories store, plus repair of PC, Laptops, Mac, iMac, Game Consoles, etc. We refurbish and sell pre-owned phones that contribute to even higher profit margins. We also carry and sell prepaid phone plans (both main networks e.g. roger, telus, bell and mobile virtual network providers e.g. chatr, lucky, public mobile). We sell gift cards, international calling cards, and do computer rental, and printing services. We also serve as UPS Access point. It�s a multiple stream income business model, but with the Cell Phone Repairs, Computer Repairs and Sale of Accessories as the core service of the business.

Asking Price $: undisclosed

Edmonton, Alberta

Situation: An investor is willing to put up the money to buy the small business, described below. He needs someone willing to operate the business day to day, as he wants to be a silent-investor. In exchange, the investor is willing to give the majority share of ownership to the operator, so that most of the profits go to that operator. Ideal Partner: A couple of people (perhaps family) able to work full time, where both would be involved in running the business day to day as it has a fair bit of revenue. A 3rd person could be a family member or perhaps a hired helper. No experience with watches needed, however needs to have steady handles and good ability to deal with tiny parts. About the Business: Watch battery and watch sales business for sale, with large customer base and significant reputation after 33 years in South Edmonton. Family is Retiring. Business Name: "Time Checker" Location: Southeast Edmonton, Millwoods Town Centre Timelines: We plan to decide very quickly and close the deal. Probably within 1-2 weeks. Contact us at Serious partner inquiries only.

Asking Price $: 150,000

Edmonton, Alberta
Sales Revenue $: 350,000

Cash Flow $: 60,000
A very rare opportunity to purchase a well established Bridal, Prom, Special Occasion and Accessories Women's retail store in a high exposure mall location. Beautiful store, fully stocked with inventory. All fixtures, furniture and equipment included. Full staff with management on hand and completely turn key. Excellent opportunity for a motivated, fashion conscious small business owner. Asking price $150,000. Please contact for serious inquiries only.

Asking Price $: 49,500

Edmonton, Alberta

Do you have the passion in promoting good life through health and well-being, at the same time have the drive to manage a profitable business opportunity? If you do, then this venture package is best suited for you! This beautifully and newly renovated massage therapy clinic is one of the sought-after healthcare providers in the Alberta area. It offers low-cost yet high-quality massage therapy and reflexology services performed by well-experienced registered therapists. Their relaxing and pampering modalities or techniques include full-body massage, Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial trigger point therapy and more. This company has been encouraging the application of first class complementary and alternative medicine to enhance a person’s overall health and well-being. They also offer customized massage and treatment services that will best fit the needs of their clients. This business venture is strategically situated in one of the prime and highly desirable malls in the main district of Edmonton. Because of its high traffic street level location, it attracts a great number of passersby, commuters, shoppers and visitors, among others. In this day and age, people are more cautious of their health, especially when work schedules and responsibilities are becoming too stressful to handle. They need a form of relaxation and rejuvenation, to uplift their mind, body and spirit. That is why this licensed turn-key clinic has always aimed to provide an unforgettable experience through their invigorating and state-of-the-art massage and therapeutic services. The existing owner has included all massage and office equipment, inventory and supplies to the reduced business asking price. This remarkable opportunity is a one-time limited investment that will bring forth a tremendous amount of regular cash flow.

Asking Price $: 230,000

Edmonton, Alberta
Sales Revenue $: 272,000

Are you searching for a long-standing and profitable business that looks after the well-being of humanity? This newly renovated built medical and minor surgery clinic is the opportunity you are looking for. This clinic has been beautifully designed in 2012 and since then it has been operational to serve thousands of clients around the Edmonton area and even visitors from nearby localities. It takes pride in its first class medical and surgical equipment, which are used to promote health and wellness in the entire community. This clinic has been configured to be able to accommodate any type of medical practice – general and family medicine, pediatrics, surgery, neurology, internal medicine and more. It has a full range of qualified adult and child care that you can completely trust to handle you and your family’s medical needs. Currently, this institution can have 2 physicians practicing simultaneously and can house a maximum of 120 patients a day. This clinic is a full turn-key business and ready to operate anytime. In addition to this private clinic’s contemporary features, it also boasts a team of highly professional and experienced medical staff, consisting of a knowledgeable clinic manager and a friendly nurse. They have been employed by the company since it was first built and has always demonstrated devotion to their profession. They are also committed to assist in the business turnover, to ensure the success of the medical clinic. They have also been trained to always provide the highest level of quality service to all patients. Patient care is there number one priority.

Asking Price $: 319,000

Edmonton, Alberta
Sales Revenue $: 700,000

Are you a keen entrepreneur who has the passion for fashion and shopping but still wants a balanced family life? This turn-key fashion boutique business is the profitable venture that you are searching for. It offers a wide range of lasting clothing line and women accessories, satisfying the elite Canadian taste for more than 30 years now in the great city of Edmonton. Furthermore, the owner has already established a credible reputation in the fashion industry that brought forth growth opportunities and a steady flow of cash revenues. This turn-key boutique boasts its high-quality luxury brands and stylish trends that had made the company one of the sought-after fashionable and quality designer clothing businesses. It has also been operating for more than three decades now on a very busy street close to large destination malls. This location has a high visibility and can be easily accessed by passersby and commuters. In addition, it has a vast parking space, high foot traffic from residents and amazing commercial neighbors. This paved the way to an increased client base that consists of both new and repeat customers. The company has also formed connections with a number of independent retailers that aid in the promotion of its various quality products and services. It has also maximized the advertising potential of social media, where online outlets were established that expanded its visibility and further increasing the number of its prospect clients. The current owner has finally decided to sell the business because he is permanently relocating out of Alberta. He has included an existing inventory and equipment lease in the reduced selling price. In addition, the fashion boutique store has well-maintained set of fixtures and pieces of furniture, a new Point of Sale system (POS) that can be integrated into an accounting software, a complete client base directory with email addresses and contact numbers, new signage and more.

Asking Price $: 70,000

Edmonton, Alberta

This business venture is a home-based mobile franchise specializing in providing health care equipment alternatives to a number of clients from all walks of life, especially to those who have various limitations. It has become one of the exclusive distributors of popular brands, consistently delivering innovative mobile healthcare facilities. The company offers low-cost services without compromising quality in the greater area of Edmonton. It also caters personally to the critical needs of each and every customer. Their medical supplies have been regarded as the top-notch brand in the medical field, which is the primary reason why more customers trust this company. Thus, it creates a more credible business image and further expands the existing network of patrons, consisting of both repeat and new customers. In addition, you can manage this business from the comfort of your very home with little overhead cost. This company has a professional staff that is comprised of people-oriented and sales-driven employees. They have been trained to provide first-class customer service in all aspects of the business. They are motivated with their clients’ unwavering satisfaction every time their health care demands are met. They ensure that the required services are delivered promptly, for they value the importance of human life. They also provide an after-sales personal support on the use of their state-of-the-art healthcare equipment. If you want to invest on a new opportunity that enhances patient care at reduced expenses and with a huge return in profit, then this is the business suited for you. This company has opened a full line of medical equipment dealership that has grown over the years.

Asking Price $: 155,500

Edmonton, Alberta

This barbershop franchising venture in Alberta has become one of the dominant names in the men’s grooming industry across the locality. The company has embarked on a unique business concept – combining the features of a feel-good traditional barber shop with the newest trends in the hair fashion industry. They cater both the young and the old, with a wide range of hairstyles that you can choose from at a comfortable price. Each of their expert barbers is dedicated to meet the personal needs of every client. They are committed in delivering top-notch and prompt services, trying to serve as many customers as they can without compromising quality. Thus, their brand has been a popular name in the entire district of Edmonton with different franchised shops in various locations. They are characterized to be authentic and at the same time classy, which draws attention from both old and new customers within the locality. Investing on this venture will surely bring a constant flow of monthly revenues. It has established a network of new and repeat clients, thanks to its team of professional hairstylists who never fails to deliver exceptional customer service. They even offer discounted rates and referral programs for loyal patrons. They aim to bring forth an unforgettable haircut experience for each and every customer that walks through the shop’s door. This contributes to the credibility of the company’s reputation that has been established all throughout these years. It has proven a successful track record, which has not been matched by any other company in the same line of industry. All business processes and policies are already set in place, which makes it easier for the new owner to take charge of this venture.

Asking Price $: 240,000

Edmonton, Alberta

Are you an avid coffee lover who has the perfect diner experience and wants to earn extra on the side? Check out this business venture that has a well-established reputation in the food and beverage industry, even becoming one of the trendiest coffee shops located in the busiest area of Edmonton city. They have been serving their patrons with exceptional coffee – even creating their amazing signature hot or cold coffee roasted beverages that have not been reproduced by any other café shop across Alberta. They also aim to foster relationships among their customers, allowing them to bring a friend or groups of friends (even meeting new ones) while they enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and indulge on some pastries. Apart from their uniquely blended coffees, they also offer hot or cold tea concoctions, freshly squeezed juices and blended smoothies, accompanied by a wide variety of sweet pastries. In addition to the outstanding food and beverage menu that this company promotes, it is fully supported by a professional team of employees. They have proven their worth and loyalty to the company since the business started. They are highly experienced when it comes to providing quality customer service. They have been trained to always prioritize the different demands of clients and made sure that whoever walks in to the shop will leave with a satisfied appetite. The company is also governed with effective and efficient business strategies and policies, which have been the major contributors in building the company’s credible reputation. Because of this image, it has expanded its customer base that even includes customers from the neighboring districts outside Alberta. Thus, the firm has enjoyed a continuous flow of profit from its daily sales.

Asking Price $: 398,000

Edmonton, Alberta
Sales Revenue $: 964,300

Cash Flow $: 252,700
Are you searching for a well-established business opportunity that handles the distribution and servicing of farm equipment in the main districts of Edmonton? Check this company that has been established 40 years ago and now dominating the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec markets in supplying and servicing farm equipment, machineries and tools. In addition to the full service dealership, the business also offers mobile welding and repair services. They even handle the sale and installation of fabric-covered metal buildings. On top of all these, they continuously promote green energy initiatives that are environment-friendly. For so many years, the company has proven its worth by the increase in the demand for their products and services. Their crew of professional employees have been thoroughly trained to deliver high-quality farm-related services. They also have a pool of excellent suppliers and manufacturers who promptly provide top-notch materials and equipment. Because of all these amazing business features, its network clientele has expanded to some of the major areas of Montreal. Both old and new customers have entrusted all their farming and welding needs to this long-standing company. This venture package includes $170,000 worth of fixtures and pieces of furniture, plus an inventory equipment worth $300,000. There is also a vast commercial lot measuring around two acres with three buildings that are used for office space, manufacturing area and storage location. This is separately sold at approximately $295,000 or can be leased to the prospect buyer.
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