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Asking Price $: 570,000

Montreal, Quebec
Sales Revenue $: 426,256

SPA CLOUD: Beautiful Spa for sale in up and coming neighborhood of Griffintown.State of the art equipment including CRYOSAUNA chamber & Lucia N°03 meditative light system. Running services: Cryotheraphy, meditative light therapy, massages, sugaring hair removal, eyelash extensions, facials, microdermabrasion and body scrubs. -Only Spa with cryotherapy. Full Cryosauna service offered. -Inclusions Sale Includes all equipment, furniture, Branding, website, social media. Everything from A-Z -Spa Cloud on two floors Suite #501 1,736SqFtGross FULL SPA Suite #301 1,736SqFtGross (staff rooms and storage space)

Asking Price $: 12,000

Montreal, Quebec

Music School franchise is expanding and looking for a franchise owner in the Montreal area. If you enjoy dealing with kids and like music, this opportunity could be for you! Access to proprietary teaching methods and curriculum. Comprehensive training in both the corporate head office and classroom environment. Sales and marketing techniques and training. This business can be run from home.

Asking Price $: 335,000

Montreal, Quebec

You are planning to set up business in Montreal, Quebec, but do not know what you should. Purchasing a tea room can be a smart idea. The tea room business is notable as the home to the tea goers in the city. This property would definitely be a strategic business location since it is surrounded by retail space and eateries. It is specifically situated at the corner between parks, buildings, and other profitable businesses surrounding the area. Tea room features: • The tea room features a retail store and tea room on its main floor • It has a ladies gym and retail display on its second floor • It has a four bedroom apartment on its third floor • It has a spacious fourth floor, which is ready for further development. • The brick building has a floor plate • It has a fully sprinklered and oil-fired steam hot water heating • It has three heat pumps designed for its main retail floor • It has two propane fireplaces in its tea room dining area and in its four-bedroom apartment. • Its apartment is equipped with new windows with an open concept dining, living or kitchen room and mostly hardwood floors. Its large master bedroom includes a full ensuite with shower and claw legged tub, and a walk in closet. Full bath and kitchenette finish and three extra bedrooms are also included in the property. This tea room sale includes real property located in a business hub surrounded by retail buildings and eateries. Whether you are looking for a space for a residence, investment opportunity, or business, this property currently for sale is the best for you. The 10,800 square feet property features a retail and tea room on its main floor, a ladies gym and a retail display on the second floor, four bedroom apartment on the third floor, and a wide open attic ready for development on the fourth floor. Its nearby amenities include shopping areas. The surrounding community features recreational facilities, bus route and public washrooms. You may contact the seller for any availability of our owner financing and any other funding options. Just contact us for more information about the property and the business as a whole. We will be more than happy arrange an appointment with you and attend to your related queries.

Asking Price $: 59,900

Montreal, Quebec

Are you looking for a business that is located in Montreal, Quebec? Perhaps buying this property will be the start of a good venture for you. This laser and medi spa clinic is less than one hour from the centre area. The business was originally established based on franchise standard less than a year ago. The clinic is equipped with innovative tools used for PhotoFacials, Acne Treatments, IPL laser hair removal, Teeth Whitening, Cellulite Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, Fine Lines, Roseacea/Redness, Ultrasonic Skin Tightening, Vein Treatments, and Wrinkle reduction. You will be assured of the best services for your prospective clients because we only provide them with the clinic’s state of the art and inclusive IPL Laser or Skin Rejuvenation Machine, LED Teeth Whitening, Ultrasonic Cavitation machine, Massage Bed, Fixtures, Client Software or Database, Furnishings, and Smile360 Teeth Whitening that is exclusive within the territory with 6 months of royalty credit. As a new owner, your business will be at the edge as the clinic remains competitive among others with its Social Media pages, Established Phone Number, Social Media pages, Trained PT Employee who has the willingness to stay when necessary, and Advertising Credit at a local radio station. It has an optional retail inventory that provides you with connection with all its suppliers. Why this clinic: • More than CA$60,000 in terms of fixtures, leaseholds and equipment • Business operation is available for acquisition with or without licensing or franchise agreement • Available for quick purchase at CA$39,900 • It has been operating since 2015 • Clinic franchise is open for resale • Its fixture and/or furniture values at CA$60,000 • Clinic franchise is open for resale • The laser and medi spa clinic is relocatable. This 300 square feet property, which is located in downtown Montreal, QC., is now available for lease at very Cost-effective and expires in February 2017 with potential extension. The leased premises expires in February 2017. You will have an option to have licensing agreement for the franchise since it is not a requirement during sale. Should you have the passion and interest in this industry, never let this business opportunity pass. Contact the seller for the availability of our owner financing. Financial assistance from the owner is available for the right operator of the clinic. Just contact us for more information about the property and everything about the business. We will be more than happy arrange an appointment with you and attend to your queries.

Asking Price $: 195,000

Montreal, Quebec

Are you into food service and indulgence a lot? If your response is positive on this, you should not let this opportunity of owning a modern European restaurant pass your hand. This European modeled restaurant is very welcoming to various customers from different walks of life. Our property is fully equipped, well furnished, upgraded, and comes with a viable financial record. It is recently renovated with newly installed fixtures and equipment. We are located in downtown Montreal, Quebec. We have been catering our guests with great past and present historical accounts and events. While we allow guests to step back in time and be amazed to nature’s wonderful offerings, we coupled it with our state of the art amenities. The restaurant has a distinctive modern European style that offers a catering service in the neighbourhood of Montreal. Its cozy ambiance provides customers with a luxurious feel, making it a great space for a private event other than for a casual dinner. We are open for lunch and dinner as well as occasional trade to generate more revenue. Rest assured of your success when you decide to make things happen in here anytime soon. Sale of this property needs certain type of buyer considering some stipulations, which need to be upheld and considered part of its lease agreement. This is definitely a profitable purchase, so walk in now and start making yourself your own money and just be your own boss. This property located in downtown Montreal, Quebec is available for lease. The restaurant receives a modern European style with modern, innovative equipment for food service as well as a very comfortable, relaxing environment. Any conversation for any other plans for the property will be available based on request. Take note that further information on the sale of this business will be released once a signed confidentiality agreement is received. You may contact the seller for any availability of our owner financing and any other funding options. Just contact us for more information about the property and the business at large. We will be more than happy arrange an appointment with you and attend to your queries.

Asking Price $: 100,000

Montreal, Quebec

Coffee Shop Overview in MontrealThe franchise opportunity for a prime coffee shop in Montreal area is really prime for you. Coffee shops here offer excellence when it comes to opening several locations, considering their being multi-unit operators. Owning a coffee shop in this part of the country will make you the lucky operator with the first choice of the best location throughout the city. Coffee shops here are now open for franchise in different locations throughout Quebec, about 60 and more within the country. Their cost range starts at CA$300K. The franchise will require you to provide a down payment of CA$135K before you can qualify. If you are passionate about coffee, have restaurant experience, can follow the systems of this industry, and have an unencumbered funds amounting CA$250K, then you should not let the opportunity of owning or franchising this coffee shop in Montreal. Company Overview: The coffee shop is a well-established franchised coffee shop that offers franchisee a comprehensive training program that covers hands on experience for 6 weeks. You will be partnered with a regional manager to assist you in your business venture as soon as you get a franchise of the coffee shop. The manager will serve as your guide in doing your business in Quebec. The coffee shop has a reputation of being one of the leading coffee shops that has adapted offer to innovative markets, technologies and customers. It stands out from the rest of coffee shops in the area considering its trendy set-up, appealing décor, and very relaxing ambience. Its sleek look and light shades make up its pleasant atmosphere. It only offers high quality of coffee, which are all available in premium blends. It offers cappuccino, latte, espresso and many more aside from its regular coffee. You will be amazed on how baristas prepare your coffee using the Steampunk technology, which only makes a cup of coffee or tea at its perfect sense. Its croissants and pastries are excellent as well. The coffee shop also takes pride in getting to know more about its customers, as it recognizes the fact that no two guests are alike. This is the very reason why it continuously strives in providing guests with various choices of beverages. It tailors your drink of choice to perfection every time whether you ordered for an icy, blended treat or a warm, handcrafted latte. This property, which is located at 5365 - 5369 Queen Mary Road Montreal, QC. H3X, is now available for lease. Decide now and contact the seller for the availability of our owner financing and any other funding options. Just contact us for more information about the property and the business as a whole. We will be more than happy arrange an appointment with you and attend to your related queries.

Asking Price $: 85,000

Montreal, Quebec
Sales Revenue $: 83,300

Cash Flow $: 250,000
A Montreal, Quebec-based upscale café that has been opened barely three months ago is put on sale. The business need to be sold due to an accidental death of a family member. It is located near the subway entrance, just opposite to business offices, hotel, condominium buildings, and cinema. Our coffee from the local roaster, which is considered as the best coffee in the city. We also bake fresh every morning, which allows it to gain good reputation in the market. We have a spectacular space that is designed based on European style featuring a red brick wall. You will never regret in buying the business as it has a potential growth. The property is equipped with Espresso Machine: La Marzocco, Shop Grinder Mahlkonig Kenia, Fetco brewer, water filtration system, Grinder: Mazzer Major, Fetco dispenser stand for Luxus, Fetco dispenser Luxus, two doors freezer, built in bar refrigerator, convection oven, Electrolux commercial dishwasher, upright refrigerator, and food display refrigerator. It can be operated as a coffee shop or café. It also features a washroom and a kitchen or storage back space with no exhaust vent. It does not allow dying or grilling. If you are into the beverage industry or the hospitality industry, perhaps purchasing this business will be a jumpstart for your success. Never hesitate to contact us or the seller of the property. We will surely be happy to discuss things that matter here then. This 721 square feet property, which is located in the busy street of downtown Montreal, just next to the subway entrance where foot traffic is heavy, is now available for lease at 5+5. It is near the subway entrance, opposite to business offices, hotel, condominium buildings, and cinema. The Value of Furniture or Fixtures in the asking price is ast CA$60,000. The owner sells the property because of the accidental death of a family member. We have been operating approximately three months ago with a monthly sales of CA$6,000-$7,000 and lease expiry in August 2020 with an option for renewal for 5 years. You may contact the seller for the availability of our owner financing. Decide now and join the business of café restaurants in the great Montreal area.

Asking Price $: 89,000

Montreal, Quebec

In search for an interesting and unique venture in the food services industry? Venturing in a food truck business is a smart idea for you then. What is distinct on this venture is the Swedish pancake that is being offered to customers in a food truck scene. The pancakes are specially made with sweet and savory toppings, which is a secret that adds to the fun. When you have already decided to purchase the truck, you will be guaranteed to have the truck in its best condition as it is mechanically upgraded, has great paint job, and is compliant to occupational health and by-laws. The truck is actually remarkable in the Lower Mainland of Montreal. Note that the daily operation of the business is at a minimum considering its low cost, any waste and small investment. Minimum waste of the pancakes is realized, considering eggs, milk and flour as the base or main ingredients. We are happy to announce our better sales than what we initially projected. We actually develop the menu, network with the other operators, meet great clients, and create a great website. These are offered to the general public and businesses. The value of fixture or furniture is CA$10,000 Moreover, all the necessary documents are readily available for inspection purposes. This property, which is located in an area with high foot traffic which is surrounded by many residential buildings and other establishments in Montreal, QC, is now available for lease. Lease of the business is to be discussed upon request. The owner sells the business for his family and businesses outside Quebec. Contact the seller for the availability of our owner financing. The owner is willing to provide financial assistance to the new owner. This Swedish pancakes food truck can be relocated should the new buyer want. If you really want this type of business, just contact the business for possibilities of discussion. Always keep in mind that doing business through the Swedish pancakes food truck business is the best for you. Just contact us for more information about the property and the business as a whole. We will be more than happy arrange an appointment with you and attend to your related queries.

Asking Price $: 53,000

Montreal, Quebec

The financial company is the only corporate entity you would be interested to buy as we survived the test of the Canadian economic crisis. We are a parent company to our sub-company so you will be entitled for a master franchise when you buy a Franchise without any additional cost. We were able to surpass our year-after-year goals, which is why we will be expanding internationally starting in the U.S. in 2016. The services we offer include: • Payday Loans • Equity Loans • Title Loans • Reciprica Program • Cheque Cashing • Gold Buying • Mortgages *These services receive internal funding at least CA$30,000, but those exceeding this amount may receive funding from the Head Office or from external investors, except for mortgages which can be funded as much as CA$5 million through external investors. The company is recognized by a local newspaper as the most profitable franchise in the market. We continuously grow with our innovative marketing strategies and business trend to keep our franchisees at the competitive edge. We have been advertising our business through our website, Facebook, a marketing company, and Twitter. We also ranked fifth among the fastest growing companies in Quebec, which is attributable to the 5133% financial value growth of our office. This 200 square feet property, which is located in business centers, each of which consists of a receptionist and amenities including photocopy room, staff room, conference room, and board room. Each franchise can be rented at CA$400-CA$800 a month, is now available for lease. Each office is equipped with professional, leather furniture, MS Office, computer, and copy, fax, printer and laser scan. We have been operating for six years so we have already established our name in the industry. Contact the seller for the availability of our owner financing. Give us a call or pay visit for more information about the property and the business as a whole. We will be more than happy arrange an appointment with you and attend to your related queries.

Asking Price $: 500,000

Montreal, Quebec
Sales Revenue $: 100,000

Cash Flow $: 100,000
Whether you want a property for business or residence, this motel is perfect for you. It has everything that you can ask for in this type of property in Montreal, Quebec. It is already known that motels in this area are well equipped with facilities and amenities, which only aim for the best in everything that they can offer for the satisfaction of every customer. This motel is situated at the cottage country’s centre on the corridor in between parks of Montreal, Quebec. It features 11 units and a separate heated insulated cabin designed for groups. Each of its rooms is equipped with fridge, coffee pots, TV, microwave, and wifi. Areas for BBQ and playground for children are also provided. Breakfasts are served to guests throughout the year, while dinners are served during the months of winter. Pets are also welcome in the property. Its 1.52 acres piece of land can be used for any possible expansion. The motel includes a real property. It is located on the Hwy 60 corridor, which is in between park and retail or commercial buildings in the area. It features a 3-bedroom home that has a master with ensuite, laundry on the main level, open concept for living, dining or kitchen, fully finished lower level with a sitting room, two bedrooms, and a full bath. It has nice level lot, playground, close to restaurants, treed, shopping, BBQ's for client use, craft shops, secondary and elementary schools, hospital and medical centre 3-4 kilometres from the area, and lakes and rivers. A 1.52 acres piece of land is open for possible expansion. Here at the motel, we aim to out market 2 motels, which are about 6 kilometers on the other side of the property, one motel is a combination of motel, pub and dining room, and the other one is a motel only. Trading for this business is done 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you will have enough time to grow the venture as you wish. Moreover, take note that this motel has been operational for more than 30 years already and the owner is putting this on sale for his retirement. So, if you feel like investing your money, time and effort in the hospitality industry, why not buy this property. You may also contact us for the availability of our owner financing. The owner is even willing to conduct first mortgage for the right buyer.
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