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Asking Price $ : 245,000

Ottawa, Ontario

Cash Flow $: 196,000
Are you looking for a profitable business opportunity that will lead you to a great career path in the consulting industry? This long-standing and successful management and evaluation consulting firm in Ottawa could be the business venture for you. It has been providing professional and expert counselling in multitude aspects of a particular individual or company. In addition, it has established a credible reputation in executing management evaluations and performance measurements. It also offers reliable research and capacity building in human resource, finance, health, education and many more. It continuously works with its vast network of clients on strategy development, planning and problem solving, business skills enhancement and establishing customer relationship, among others. Since this firm was founded, it has assisted a great number of patrons, both in the private and commercial sectors. Starting a consulting company may sound to be easy, but without the appropriate skill and experience, it might not be a rewarding endeavor for you. One remarkable feature that this company boasts is the set of well-established policies and procedures formulated over the years. Through these, numerous projects were completed for distinguished institutions, not only across Canada but across the globe. Their team of qualified and certified consultants have proven that the team is worth investing for. They have met all the demands of their customers, both old and new, by delivering high-quality services anywhere all the time. These satisfied customers proliferates the company’s existence through word of mouth. Thus, revenue growth is expected in a very short period of time. The current owner is willing to offer an attractive financing scheme to the prospect buyer who will invest and commit to the company. This will be available as soon as the business agreement is signed.

Asking Price $ : 576,000

Ottawa, Ontario
Sales Revenue $: 500,000

Cash Flow $: 120,000
Just like hitting two birds with one stone, this lucrative business opportunity in Ottawa will give you the chance to be the entrepreneur you have dreamed of and at the same time be your own landlord. Money invested on this convenience store with a rental apartment on the second floor will definitely earn big returns in no time. The retail shop is strategically located in a major city where there is a huge traffic of private and public transport, passersby and commuters. There is more than 7,000 vehicles that pass by around the vicinity where the shop is situated. A multitude of merchandise is offered by this business including a movie rental, which is sough-after by the local residents. The asking price comes with the entire store with all its facilities such as fixtures, display shelves, freezers, counters, coffee maker and cash register, among others. The live in apartment that you can rent out on the upper level is very spacious with an area of 1,200 square foot. It has two sizable bedrooms complete with pieces of furniture and appliances such as sofa couch, dining tables and chairs, kitchen stove, fridge, washing machine, ceiling fans, kitchen cabinets and shelves, dishwasher, television, coffee table and more. Around $40,000 worth of building improvements have already been done by the existing owner. Rental from the apartment will be an extra income on top of the $100,000 projected earnings from the convenience store. You have the option to live for free in this apartment instead of renting this out. This means you can easily supervise the shop by just living upstairs, cutting the costs from having to commute from where you live to your place of business. You do not even have to hire another personnel to manage the store for you since you can do it yourself. Thus, overhead costs are minimized.

Asking Price $ : 100,000

Ottawa, Ontario
Sales Revenue $: 130,000

This sought-after retail optical store in Ottawa has just been revamped to upgrade and modernize its facilities and services. This company has been earning revenues from handling the sales and prescriptions of single visions, bifocals, trifocals high-definition glasses, contact lenses and many more. It has become the leader in revolutionizing optical retail at an affordable cost. Even if the owner has taken cost-effective measures in providing its products and services, it has never compromised quality. All equipment used in the shop are guaranteed brand new and top of the range. It also takes pride in having committed, knowledgeable and innovative employees, who are working towards the company’s goals in delivering excellent customer service. Other than having a professional staff, this business opportunity is located strategically in one of the busiest shopping plazas in the city. This means that a steady flow of income is generated, not only from its loyal and repeat customers, but also from the numerous prospect patrons inside the shopping mall. The company also boasts its appealing marketing campaigns and active advertising strategies. This has established the current network clientele list that consists of both repeat and new customers. This list also proves that the optical retail shop has been successful in forming a reputable image because of their excellence in providing quality customer service all the time. Apart from the office or shopping space, the current owner has decided to include all furniture and fixtures amounting to a total of $62,900 and an inventory stock value of $13, 000. This is an excellent deal since you don’t have to construct anything in the shop anymore. Also, there is a negotiable arrangement that the owner is willing to offer regarding office lease terms and financing options.

Asking Price $ : 320,000

Ottawa, Ontario

Do you want to invest on a business venture that entails you to combine your creative mind and your sales-driven skills? Then check this exciting graphics and signage opportunity that will bring forth your return of investment in the shortest time possible. This company will handle all your visibility needs such as digital and magnetic signs, decorations, graphic solutions, banners, car wraps and truck lettering stickers, custom window decals and personalized printing, among others. It takes pride in the quality and affordability of their products and services that they never fail to deliver to all their customers. The goal is to keep clients satisfied through a broad range of high quality visual communication. With this, the steady growth of the business since it was established was maintained. Providing a full-spectrum of all types of products and services on visual communication that can be customized on the specific needs of each client will quickly expand the business client base. This company does not only concentrate in providing excellent products and services, but also in keeping its employees happy by creating a pleasing working environment. When employees are well-taken care of, they are more focused and motivated to complete duties and tasks assigned. This brings more productivity in the company, meeting deadlines and satisfying more customers with high quality output. The staff is always reminded to demonstrate professionalism at all times. Business plans and processes are also in place so it will be a stress-free turnover for the new management. There is also an established network clientele that consists of repeat and new customers residing not only in Ottawa, but also in nearby counties. This franchise opportunity is definitely an investment that you should not miss!

Asking Price $ : 235,000

Ottawa, Ontario
Sales Revenue $: 550,000

Cash Flow $: 66,000
Do you have the passion to work in the publication industry and plan to invest on a profitable community newspaper business in the great Ottawa area? Check this company for sale, which could be an exciting business venture that you are looking for! This local publishing company has been earning revenues since it was founded years ago in the major area of Ottawa. It is one of the exclusive publications for printing newspapers in the different counties of Eastern Ontario on a weekly and monthly basis. It does not only bring forth huge profit but also contributes to the local community by connecting each and everyone in the locality through the messages delivered in various publications. When done right, this newspaper business will surely find its niche because of its strong and growing client base, not only in Ottawa but also to the nearby regions. Even with the emergence of online media, the people of today still love to read. They are just more selective in what they want to read. If you decide to grab this rewarding business opportunity, then you can expect that it will generate its own income instantaneously. Since the firm has already established a reputable name, you just have to work with your innovative mind in creating advertising promotions and deals to keep your repeat customers interested with such service and attract new clientele. Expanding your network also enables you to penetrate other markets by establishing relationships with other businesses, until you get to them to invest in your publication cause. You will eventually build yourself as an expert in this field, dramatically increasing your name recognition. This also helps in establishing a credible reputation within the community. Included in this business package price is a fairly kept building with very minor repairs and a $2,000 worth of publication inventory or stock. The current owner is also offering a financing scheme to the buyer who has finally signed the business contract.

Asking Price $ : undisclosed

Ottawa, Ontario
Sales Revenue $: 320,000

Cash Flow $: 73,000
This full-service company is one of the leading website development firms in Ottawa that specializes in popular web platforms. It is focused on providing clients with full-cycle services that include designing and developing customized websites, point of sale solutions, mobile applications, E-commerce sites, process workflows, enterprise content, search engine optimization techniques and more. It helps clients to grow their brands online because of its inventive digital marketing strategies. Through its revolutionizing design and development plans, it has established a leading position in the field of information technology. This business also performs key research and analysis to understand the current trends and demands in the web development field. Moreover, there are developed system processes that the new management will just have to implement once this business is transferred to the right prospect buyer. In addition to all the specializations that this business boasts, behind the scene is a results-driven team composed of professional, hardworking and creative employees. Their aim is to deliver the client’s return of investment as quickly as possible through eye-catching websites, efficient SEO tools and cost-efficient point of sale concepts, among others. This is the same team who will provide you the highest level of online visibility. They customize products and services to the various needs of their clients, to ensure that they meet all the demands and set requirements. For over 4 years, the company has established a credible reputation to a wide range of client base, both old and new ones. This is the main factor for a steady flow of monthly revenues. The business asking price includes an office space with a $9,100 worth of well-maintained furniture and fixtures. The occupancy cost is paid separately at $5,300. The existing owner is willing to provide assistance through a negotiable financing scheme once the contract is signed by both parties.

Asking Price $ : 450,000

Ottawa, Ontario
Sales Revenue $: 350,000

Cash Flow $: 110,000
This business opportunity is an excellent deal for entrepreneurs who want to see their returns of investment as soon as possible – a long-standing restaurant with two residential units complete with furniture and basic appliances. This is the only first class diner with two rental places on the 2nd floor located in the heart of Ottawa amidst the busy life of this major city. For 25 years, this restaurant has demonstrated its profitability and credibility when it comes to the food service industry. It boasts a 56 seating capacity with a very beautiful ambiance plus a professional staff delivering quality customer service all the time. The 2-storey brick building is the only main restaurant shop strategically built to attract the city’s general public passing by around the area. It is also 25 minutes away from most of the other localities of Ontario. This amazing deal includes all the property’s fine-looking and well-maintained furnishings, fixtures, diner displays and decorations, lighting and sound systems, kitchen equipment and more. It also comes with a $30,000 worth of furniture and a $5,000 worth of restaurant inventory. As for the two apartment units above, you have the option to live in one of them while you rent out the other. Rental rate can be as high as $1,600 per month, which will be an additional cash flow to quickly build up your savings. Both units have spacious living areas, one of them has three bedrooms while the other has one. Included in the asking price package are the basic appliances and pieces of furniture, such as living room sofas and a coffee table, dining table with chairs, kitchen stove, refrigerator, washing machine, light fixtures, television, cabinets and drawers, blinds, closets and more. It will definitely be very easy for the new owner to supervise the restaurant business by just living on top of the commercial place. This astonishing property is being sold because the current owner has decided to move out of Canada. However, the entire management team is going to provide assistance to whoever is willing to commit time, money and effort into this venture.

Asking Price $ : 500,000

Ottawa, Ontario
Sales Revenue $: 1,223,000

Are you into a busy night life while earning big money invested on a sought-after beer joint? Then check this profitable sports bar and pub in the major Ottawa area, which is one of the popular hangouts of both the old and the young. This business venture consists of an enormous property that can have a seating capacity of more than 250 patrons. It also includes well-maintained facilities such as leasehold improvements, a seasonal patio, bar decorations, pieces of furniture, pub equipment and more. Also, the location cannot go wrong, situated in the heart of a desirable city where there is a high traffic of people from all walks of life. The sports bar and pub has this established this credibility of serving the finest alcoholic drinks and draught beer in the city while showcasing live sport shows to its thousands of patrons. It also accepts exclusive use or rental of the entire bar for special events or celebrations such as company parties, birthdays, wedding receptions, reunions, bachelor’s parties and more. This business opportunity has already proven its worth by generating big revenues since it was established. Apart from the excellent amenities it offers, this company also takes pride in its professional and well-trained staff who continuously provide first-rate customer service to each and every client they have. Its A-1 management team is like a gem that you have treasure to keep this venture going. Apart from the asking price, there is also an occupancy cost of $189,000 and the owner also requires a downpayment. However, the business package includes a $492,000 worth of furniture, fixtures, displays and more. There is also a $7,500 worth of bar inventory or stocks. The current owner is also proposes a financing scheme for the right buyer who will commit his time, effort and investment to this great business deal.

Asking Price $ : 180,000

Ottawa, Ontario

Cash Flow $: 90,000
A well-established home staging company is the perfect business opportunity within the main area of Ottawa if you want to keep your artistic and creative mind on the go. Home staging requires you to turn an ordinary home into the best-looking property for potential buyers by cleaning, repairing and revamping its decorations and furnishings. This in-demand firm has proven its value by establishing a reputable brand, earning a lucrative stream of revenue, keeping an active referral network, upholding its first-rate customer service and much more. Because of its booming business growth, this company has already lasted around five years in the industry and still offers promising avenues to infiltrate other markets. Thanks to its large network of real estate agents and brokers who are experts in promoting the value of this firm and created its credible reputation. Their aim is to provide first-class customer service at all times to the entire network clientele. Apart from the professional A-team that this business brags, it already has clear-cut policies, systems and processes in place. Thus, the new owner will never have to worry about forming rules and procedures anymore but just manage the company with ease. He has to strictly implement the existing ones, ensuring that the entire home staging staff is able to live up to the firm’s vision and mission. In addition, this successful and exciting business has sold over 14,000 resale homes in 2015. This brought a huge cash flow to the company that balances out the expenses it incurs in renovating properties. This is a superb opportunity that one should not miss. The asking price even includes a $60,000 worth of furniture and fixtures that you will be needing for the business operation. There is also a financing scheme offered by the present owner.

Asking Price $ : 206,000

Ottawa, Ontario

This is a billion dollar investment located in one of the busiest malls in the Ottawa area. It offers a wide range of affordable male grooming services for the young and the old. An all-in-one barber shop and male spa, its sought-after pampering services for men and boys include traditional haircut, colouring, styling, hair waxing, shaving, blow drying, manicure and pedicure, laser and waxing, teeth whitening and hot towel treatment, among others. All hair and spa treatments make use of products and chemicals that are toxin-free and safe for the kids. It also offers cost-effective services in a very relaxing and fashionable ambiance. In addition to this, the shop provides complimentary amenities such as magazines or newspapers, juice bars, hot coffee, electronic gadgets and wireless access to the internet. These are the primary reasons why it attracts numerous local clients from all walks of life. The company does not only offer exceptional pampering packages, but it also boasts a professional team of well-experienced staff. All employees have undergone extensive training in performing all barbershop and spa services. They were instructed to always perform to the best of their abilities to ensure that all customers will be satisfied. Their main objective is to deliver high-quality service with proficiency at all times. This has been a profitable investment since the shop is strategically situated in one of the popular malls of the city. There is a huge traffic of shoppers from the locality and its nearby districts that surely brings a rewarding income and a continuous cash flow opportunity to the business. This venture package offered by the existing owner comes with a spacious retail space complete with well-maintained pieces of furniture, fixtures and spa equipment. There is also an available franchising option for the prospect buyer.
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