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Asking Price $: 150,000

Toronto, Ontario
Sales Revenue $: 500,000

The previous owner made his money and retired in the Caribbean. I bought this company 15 years ago and looking to do the same. Duct Cleaning business for sale built on ‘borrowed trust’. This very successful business specializes in providing HVAC cleaning services to residential, commercial and industrial systems. Servicing Greater Toronto Area and parts of the Golden Horseshoe for over 25 years Sales are driven by existing customer base - primarily of Heating Companies, New Home Builders and Property Management companies. With over 50 strong relationships, no advertising is required. This is a company that has developed an extremely solid reputation as a trusted contractor, with competitive prices backed by industry leading customer service. The company revenues are generated through a combined Business-to-Business and Business-to Consumer sales model providing strong profits. All revenue is generated with less than $5000 toward advertising annually. As we have strictly focused on working with other reliable companies, no store front is required. This low overhead Home Based business can easily be relocated This business is turn key with skilled employees requiring only a new leader!

Asking Price $: 29,988

Toronto, Ontario
Sales Revenue $: 21,000

Coffee is the #1 consumed beverage in the world and the #1 drink in the workplace. Gourmet coffee continues to be the fastest growing sector of the food and beverage industry. This is a privately owned business that have: (a) 4 Italian manufactured gourmet coffee machines from, one of North America�s most rapidly growing networks of �in office� gourmet coffee distributors. These state of the art, automatic coffee dispensing systems provide high quality Italian Espresso as well as mild and bold coffee, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut, English Toffee, French Vanilla, Mochaccino, as well as some decaffeinated options all with the perfect crema at the push of a button. (b) 4 Compact Refreshment Centers, and (c) 4 Triple Vending Units. Business Highlights: � Profit margin of 50 to 90 percent. � No royalties involved and you keep 100% of the proceeds. � Flexible hours with excellent tax advantages. � Ability to relocate and expand this business. � Training will be provided, if needed. � Free customer service/tech support for life from parent company. � Stable product distributors in place. � Spare parts for coffee machines are included. � Operator Sales and Marketing Handbook plus a few generic marketing brochures provided. � Servicing, in general, takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours per week. � All the machines are placed in locations that are already generating revenue. You are truly set up for success with this easy to operate, and profitable business!

Asking Price $: undisclosed

Toronto, Ontario

Existing Beautifully Designed Brand Name Beauty Store and Salon Franchise - only 3 years new with a great existing customer base, sales and team - requires hands on owner / operator with knowledge and skills in beauty, spa industry. HUGE pontential for growth in Salon Services and Products. Ideal for a Senior Stylist looking to own their own location / store!

Asking Price $: 455,000

Toronto, Ontario

Second cup Coffee shop located on Bay Street, hit straight off with locals loving the outré and fresh interior along with the amazing ambience which no other has to offer. The trendy furniture and the large patio just added to the already charming atmosphere attracting customers towards it. Second cup having an already excellent name recognition promises great amount of sales and customers, either its a day out with friends, a date or just a family gathering you will see a whole amount of different types of customers, who are looking for a pleasant environment along with a great variety of different snacks. To entertain its customers second cup ensures a comfortable environment and the best food which makes it a memorable experience for all the ones who visit. Second cup ensures that its customers never leave disappointed and provides them with the highest quality food, beverages and offers an assortment of the most scrumptious desserts. It being located near University of Toronto, St George Campus and University of St. Michael’s College adds to its importance and it being conveniently located to subway users promises for it to be filled at all times. Getting to be part of the world wide family chain is another bonus point that second cup have to offer. Second cup uses the best ingredients and works in a spotless environment ensuring cleanliness and providing its customers with clean and healthy food leaving no area for disappointment . Its coffee is made with the finest beans, which just makes it more tempting and pulls people towards it. The hardworking and trustworthy management team has significantly contributed in making second cup what it is in the 21st century . To summarize, this is a great opportunity to acquire a popular food business in well-presented premises with a loyal following and lots of opportunity to grow.

Asking Price $: 230,000

Toronto, Ontario
Sales Revenue $: 200,000

Cash Flow $: 200,000
Your one-stop shop for everything from cleaning products to groceries, fresh foods to frozen foods, and just about anything everybody needs for their home. This convenience store already has a great name recognition with sales reaching up to $1500 weekly , and a fully stocked inventory, what else could anyone ask for. So now all we are looking for is a trustworthy and a serious client who is ready to take over this business and take it to the next level. This convenience stores reputation has been built, on the quality and freshness of the products, customer service and competitive prices. Selling goods with quality choices in food, personal care, communication, leisure, entertainment and household goods it’s a complete dream land for all the women who want the best quality for their households. This is an amazing opportunity which no one would want to miss. With the easily affordable price and an already flourishing name it’s a chance which doesn’t stop by every day. Convenience store is something that even if it will be located in a far off desert, I can assure you it will still have great sales because it is a necessity that people can definitely not live without. Our convenience store has reduced prices and it is stocked with the best brands and great quality products, it has everything that somebody would need for their home. The business trades successfully with a good turnover and an enviable loyal customer base and is well supported by the local community. So what’s the wait for contact us and grab this opportunity because this is a golden chance which you definitely won’t get again so come forward and take over this convenience store. Just a little business skills and a few risks is all you need to take this business to the next level and increase its already great sales.

Asking Price $: undisclosed

Toronto, Ontario

This beautiful beauty salon can be all yours because guess what, It’s for sale! That’s right we are placing this already well-established beauty salon for sale and you can buy it in a very affordable price not only will you get this beauty salon but a fully stocked inventory and furniture too . This beauty parlor is already loved by all the women and we can guarantee you that everybody who comes here once, cannot resist coming again. We promise you a large customer base and a huge scope for more growth the sales are already incredible and if more time and effort can be put in this beauty salon I can guarantee you more success and profit. • This beauty salon specializes in shampoo-and-set • shampoo-and-blow-out • deep conditioning • haircuts and bang trims • hair coloring and highlights • permanent waves • hair thinning This salon also offers spa services like waxing, facials, nail art, massage, manicures, and pedicures. It’s a perfect place to relax and women come here to spend some quality time with their friends along with getting a chance to pamper themselves, the salons comfortable and peaceful atmosphere just adds to their relaxation promising us another visit. It’s a spacious parlor painted in the most relaxing colors which just makes it more attracting and lovely. Moving further we can assure you that the turnover of this salon will be pretty high as it already has a strong customer base and women already love it. So what are you waiting for contact us and get a chance to buy this wonderful salon its furniture, interior, atmosphere, services and high quality stock is something which you will not find in any other salon so don’t miss this chance and grab this opportunity before somebody else gets interested in this and beats you to it.

Asking Price $: 275,000

Toronto, Ontario

The first time when you hold a little soul in your hands, the first time when you hear them cry, the first time when they start speaking and the time when start taking their very first exciting steps all you want to do is protect them, keep them away from the cruelties of world, provide them with the best of the clothes, food, toys, education and of course shoes that’s the reason we started this business a business which promises a mother the perfect fit for their child. There might be already a million of baby brands flourishing in this world, but there is and will always be need for more because with the increasing population there are mothers and children who want to wear the best they can find either it be clothes, accessories or shoes and that is where it’s our job to produce something different, something which no other shop has ever produced and that is what will make this business a hit. All social channel handles, web domain, name trademarks have been secured. An online Shopify store has been readied and now all we need is a good and trustworthy client who is willing to go ahead and take full ownership of the business we had started. it’s there time to shine and do something, bring this business to the market and make it every child’s dream it’s never that difficult all you need is a creative and ambitious mind who is willing to make its business a hit. I am sure you have the potential to make this business successful , so what are you waiting for contact us and grab this opportunity before somebody else beats you to it, because this is definitely the best way to prove yourself and show your skills to the world.

Asking Price $: 166,000

Toronto, Ontario

Interested in buying a new restaurant? Well what could be better than a franchise of an already existing restaurant in North America that too a trending Asian one. This is surely one of the hottest opportunities in the industry that you will receive because this brand guarantees healthy and fresh food and that is one of the main reason why people just love it and can’t get enough of it. This restaurant has been especially designed in a hip style as it just makes everything hundred times more interesting and fun. Even though this restaurant is the hottest new sensation the brand has kept prices affordably low so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful taste of Asia without worrying about the rates. This is definitely not just a typical fast food chain but something more than that, it offers food with taste which no other can create promising full cleanliness. The food is customized according to the demands of the customers leaving no space for dissatisfaction or disappointment. It has a great variety menu which is made with keeping the liking and disliking of the people promising to keep every dish on the menu equally delicious and toothsome. The atmosphere of the restaurant is equally good and the staff members are promising and friendly ready to solve any problem that comes their way. We have never receive any complaint on the cleanliness or taste of food which just gives another reason why people love coming here as they are confident that they will just receive the best from our side. This brand is ready to welcome a qualified person to their chain who is a Canadian or United States citizen and has a net worth of at least $400,000 with $100,000 liquid. If you fulfill these requirements don’t hesitate in getting in contact with us as this is a good opportunity to make your name and place in the industry of food.

Asking Price $: 450,000

Toronto, Ontario

Popular fishing charter business for sale. Custom built 52ft Stebercraft Twin 500hp Iveco engines. In current NSW survey 1C for 25 pax & 1D survey for 45 pax. Includes NSW fishing licence for 45 pax. Located at Ettalong Beach NSW

Asking Price $: 5,000,000

Toronto, Ontario

UNION ERGONOMICS franchise for sale - Canada's fastest growing Franchise. ( EXCELLENT LOCATION IN MISSISSAUGA WEST ) Services provided - Chiropractic, Massage, Physiotherapy. Orthotics, Acupuncture , medical and ergonomics supplies. There are no Other UNION ERGONOMICS FRANCHISE in Mississauga (West),Oakville and Milton. No Competitors. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY !! Its a TURNKEY Business Opportunity - START REAPING PROFIT FROM DAY ONE Visit : Only genuine interested buyer respond by clicking on the contact seller button below.
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