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A Growing Business Providing High-Quality Uniforms and Footwear
Vancouver, British Columbia
Asking price $: 250,000
Sales Revenue $: 300,000        Cash Flow $: 700,000
Business Description

A Vancouver-based uniform and footwear business is now up for sale. It serves clients in the medical, dental, and veterinarian fields. It has been the most visited store of a lot of professionals in the said fields because the establishment is located at the very heart of the medical district. Talks with medical schools are now being done so as to also cater to the students in terms of the needs for uniforms and an assortment of medical equipment such as stethoscopes, blood pressure kits, and the like. The business has also tapped a lot of firms in the hospitality industry such as bars, cafes, restaurants, and hotels in the lower mainland. The service of this business is not limited to these clients only, it is also extended to the public.

This business has been running for more than seven years already. It has an ample stock of textile materials and an assembly of sewing equipment that are still very durable and productive. They have established a very good relationship with their suppliers, thatís why theyíre sure that their supply of fabrics are made of good quality. Plus, they donít experience delays in the deliveries of the raw materials.

The handful but hardworking employees commit to deliver the ordered items within the given timeline. The staff underwent a series of production and quality control trainings. With these, the uniforms and footwear they provide do not disappoint because they are certainly made with high quality. No wonder a lot of customers have put their trust on this establishment. The salesmen, on the other hand, regularly visit their respective area assignments and continuously engage with current and new customers. They ensure to maintain good relationships that they have already built with the existing partners but also strive to open new calls with clients in the same fields.

The business has a big potential once it gets other firms or office such as the local government as an addition to its client base. It will generate more substantial amount of revenue if they will also provide the everyday uniforms and even customized shoes of the police officers, fire fighters, and even the office-based government employees

Detailed Information
The business is renting a 1,700 sq. ft. space near Vancouver General Hospital and a number of other medical and dental clinics. The store has contemporary interiors & fixtures and even fitting rooms & racks for walk-in customers.
The store is operating seven days a week, with a staff of five employees. The owner is set to retire within the year, leading to the sale of the business.
The business can still venture into tapping other industries outside the medical and hospitality industries. Adding agents who will do negotiations and sales calls in the government offices and other firms must be done to achieve further growth.
Asking price includes the value of the fixtures and furniture, as well as of the remaining inventory. The current owner can conduct a three-month intensive training for the buyer at a negotiable monthly rate.
Business Category: Clothing , Animal/Pet

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