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Astonishing Restaurant Plus 2 Residential Units
Ottawa, Ontario
Asking price $: 450,000
Sales Revenue $: 350,000        Cash Flow $: 110,000
Business Description

This business opportunity is an excellent deal for entrepreneurs who want to see their returns of investment as soon as possible – a long-standing restaurant with two residential units complete with furniture and basic appliances. This is the only first class diner with two rental places on the 2nd floor located in the heart of Ottawa amidst the busy life of this major city. For 25 years, this restaurant has demonstrated its profitability and credibility when it comes to the food service industry. It boasts a 56 seating capacity with a very beautiful ambiance plus a professional staff delivering quality customer service all the time. The 2-storey brick building is the only main restaurant shop strategically built to attract the city’s general public passing by around the area. It is also 25 minutes away from most of the other localities of Ontario. This amazing deal includes all the property’s fine-looking and well-maintained furnishings, fixtures, diner displays and decorations, lighting and sound systems, kitchen equipment and more. It also comes with a $30,000 worth of furniture and a $5,000 worth of restaurant inventory.

As for the two apartment units above, you have the option to live in one of them while you rent out the other. Rental rate can be as high as $1,600 per month, which will be an additional cash flow to quickly build up your savings. Both units have spacious living areas, one of them has three bedrooms while the other has one. Included in the asking price package are the basic appliances and pieces of furniture, such as living room sofas and a coffee table, dining table with chairs, kitchen stove, refrigerator, washing machine, light fixtures, television, cabinets and drawers, blinds, closets and more. It will definitely be very easy for the new owner to supervise the restaurant business by just living on top of the commercial place.

This astonishing property is being sold because the current owner has decided to move out of Canada. However, the entire management team is going to provide assistance to whoever is willing to commit time, money and effort into this venture.

Detailed Information
Expansion Potential
This is long-standing company has showed how remarkable the business is in terms of earning revenues for the last 25 years. You can still increase its cash flow by constructing another level for residential or commercial purposes, making it into a three-storey property. The new venture owner can expand its network clientele by offering various promotions and discounted rates to lucky and loyal patrons residing within the area. You can also plan to change its business hours, like closing at a much later time, to cater to those who prefer dining and drinking late at night.
Competition / Market / Profit Trend
There is a very low or almost no competition at all, since this is the only building that offers fine-dining services in the area. Its network clientele consists of old and new customers, who are mostly commuters passing by the building before or after work.
A small number of well-trained and experienced employees who are very professional in terms of working with colleagues and serving clients. They always demonstrate excellence in customer service and honesty in all aspect. They will be providing support once the company is turned over to the new owner and management.
Year of Establishment
Support, cooperation & training
The existing owner is very cooperative in terms of transferring this remarkable and profitable business venture to the right buyer by providing a comprehensive training package. This will guarantee that the turn-over will be hassle-free and everything will go smoothly as planned. The training will commence as soon as the business contract is signed by both parties.
Business Category: Restaurant/Cafe/Bar

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