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Baby Fashion Shoe Store
Toronto, Ontario
Asking price $: 275,000
Sales Revenue $: Avaiblable on request        Cash Flow $: Avaiblable on request
Business Description

The first time when you hold a little soul in your hands, the first time when you hear them cry, the first time when they start speaking and the time when start taking their very first exciting steps all you want to do is protect them, keep them away from the cruelties of world, provide them with the best of the clothes, food, toys, education and of course shoes thatís the reason we started this business a business which promises a mother the perfect fit for their child.

There might be already a million of baby brands flourishing in this world, but there is and will always be need for more because with the increasing population there are mothers and children who want to wear the best they can find either it be clothes, accessories or shoes and that is where itís our job to produce something different, something which no other shop has ever produced and that is what will make this business a hit.
All social channel handles, web domain, name trademarks have been secured. An online Shopify store has been readied and now all we need is a good and trustworthy client who is willing to go ahead and take full ownership of the business we had started. itís there time to shine and do something, bring this business to the market and make it every childís dream itís never that difficult all you need is a creative and ambitious mind who is willing to make its business a hit.

I am sure you have the potential to make this business successful , so what are you waiting for contact us and grab this opportunity before somebody else beats you to it, because this is definitely the best way to prove yourself and show your skills to the world.

Detailed Information
Why choosing this business will be in your favor
This business has likely very less chances to fail, infact if this business is once started and people actually start liking it then I can assure you that itís a success because these business are mainly very popular between moms and kids and with todayís competitive world, mothers just want to find the best and if you can provide them with that then we can assure you there is no need to worry. All is in your favor!
What this business demands
Like any other business this business also demands full attention, you can definitely not get the success on your doorstep, you need to work hard and be ambitious because this job is not so easy. Without having a creative mind you can never produce the best that the mothers and childrenís demand for, so a little attention and ambition is all this business demands for.
How to produce the best
As mentioned above creativity plays a significant role in providing the best for your customers but along with that you need to think like a baby, think what you would want to wear if you were a baby so the next time when you plan on making a hideous shoe just think would you want to wear that ugly pair of shoes if not then how do you expect others to wear it.
Joining this business will guarantee you
An already beautifully made launch collection available for sale
Already developed marketing and branding plans and inventory for sale
Brand and marketing assets already made by professional marketing agency
A good chance to start your life fresh and getting a chance to shine in the world of shoes.
Business Category: Clothing , Store/Shop

Business For Sale Marketplace In Toronto

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