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Boat Propeller Trade Company
Ottawa, Ontario
Asking price $: 150,000
Sales Revenue $: 250,000        Cash Flow $: 100,000
Business Description

We offer you a company that has been in operations for over 2 decades. The business was expanded by moving from Vancouver to the current Ottawa location. Ottawa is a very suitable location to guarantee the success of the business as Ontario is one of the most prosperous recreational boating industries in Canada.

The business’ purpose is to supply North American recreational boat enthusiasts with a variety of propellers. The company also has the exclusive rights in Canada to distribute the well known and in demand piranha propeller. This propeller is one of the most sought models because it is made of carbon fiber and has a system in place to swap the blades. These exclusive rights have proved to be beneficial because you cannot find anything like the piranha propellers anywhere else in the world.

The business has already established a strong business relationship with the main companies that supply propellers within and around Canada and it will continue to be supported by them. The business also has 2 official websites based on the area of North America that the supplies are being distributed to. There is one website that is designed to supply customers here in Canada and then there is one that supplies the United States which is a profitable market for the business.

The earnings are garnered from the items that are bought online, orders that are taken over the telephone and also the dealer network as well as lodges and fish camps. There are many steps to take in order to continue the growth and development of the company. You can build on the online sale efforts and further expand on the company’s commercial clientele.

The business needs an owner who is resourceful and can effectively liaison with clients to secure the best deals for the business. The new owner must be a forward thinker who will be eager to take the reins on a large operation such as this.

Detailed Information
Products offered
There is a large list of products offered by the store to customers. The store offers all the top products that are out there on the propeller market. The type of propellers offered are: the PowerTech stainless, the Solar stainless and aluminum, the inboards, the ZF bronze and nibral propellers, the ACME ski boat propellers, the mercury, the Michigan wheel bronze, the Michigan wheel aluminum and of course the piranha composite.
The business has lucrative relationships with suppliers from all over the world. The propellers are shipped to all cities within Canada and are also shipped to the United States of America. Orders are made online and customers also call in to get their orders placed. The business supplies products to over 470 fish camps and lodges in Ontario who continue to be consistent customers. The business can also tap into the Quebec market as well.
Location and Property
The business is run from a 1000 square feet property close to the 417 highway in Ottawa. The business runs from a very small office which will attract very low overhead costs. The building is under a one year lease which ends in April 2018 and it is eligible for renewal for up to 5 more years. The rent is only 15,000 per year.
Expansion Potential
There are many ways that you can increase the sales of the business. You can tap into other local markets in order to supply local lodges and fish camps with products. You can also boost internet sales by building on the official website and Ecommerce capabilities.
Business Category: Distribution/Dealership , Store/Shop

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