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Factory Specializing In The Production Of Biodiesel
British Columbia
Asking price $: 300,000
Sales Revenue $: 90,000        Cash Flow $: Avaiblable on request
Business Description

This is your opportunity to buy and run an efficient and environmentally friendly biodiesel production factory. This business uses the most modern and unconventional technology to facilitate the fuel production. The operation can lead to an hourly production of about 1000 liters of biodiesel and this can potentially result in the production of up to 4.8 million liters of biodiesel for the entire year. This gives you the opportunity to amass a very sizable profit should you own the factory.

The business has been in operation for 3 successful years, having started business back in 2014. It is one of the few of its kind within the British Columbian market and so there isnít much competition. However the biodiesel production service is a very much in demand field and so with this business you have a great opportunity to establish yourself as one of the premier providers of the fuel within BC.

One of the best things about this business is that despite how complex the process might sound, the factory is quite easy to operate and the current owner will get you started on how to have everything up and running. You will be provided with extensive training and education on the business and the industry and you do not need to have any previous experience in biodiesel production. The factory is safe, well-constructed and in top shape. All you need is to be a very well organized person who knows how to communicate effectively and has no problem working in an industry that is geared towards mechanical operations.

The business has already been creating relationships with clients in many cities around British Columbia. You also have the opportunity to relocate the business easily if you please. The business offers many other opportunities for new ways of earning capital even though its current focus is on biodiesel production. You can always consider markets like concrete or asphalt production. The current owner will get you up to speed on everything and you can get going on running one of the most promising businesses in British Columbia.

The new owner will be able to step in and leverage the cost-effective marketing strategies the business has developed, and well as ownership of the unique production techniques. There is ample opportunity to acquire more market share and continue to grow the revenue well beyond the current levels. This is truly a unique and rare opportunity to acquire a uniquely profitable, growing business.

Detailed Information
The business is located on a leased industrial complex that is 3960 square feet. It is based in British Columbia and is built at a very strategic location. However, the business can also be relocated if desired. The owner will provide further information about this.
The owner is willing to provide owner financing for the new owner of the store. The qualified buyer will have up to CAD$20,000 worth of financing available to them. You will need to contact the new owner for further details about the terms of this offer.
Cost and Earnings
The Asking price for the business is only CAD$400,000 and this price will include the furniture and fixtures in the business and also the current inventory. The businessí stocks are also included within the offer. The yearly revenue is estimated at about CAD$250,000. There are many opportunities to build the business and to increase these earnings significantly. The owner suggests branching off into other biodiesel related market sectors such as trucking, concrete and chemical industries.
Key Plant Features
● The business operates on state of the art hydrodynamic technology
● The plants produce 1000 liters of fuel per hour
● The plant is safe and simple to operate
● The business will provide excellent profit margins
● The business operates on environmentally friendly principles
Business Category: Factory , Resource Exploitation

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