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High Earning Financial Institution Franchise
Ottawa, Ontario
Asking price $: 50,000
Sales Revenue $: 250,000        Cash Flow $: 250,000
Business Description

Since it was established five years ago, our company has been earning revenues with a very low overhead, even thriving during Canada’s economic downfall. This company has provided various innovative services to assist those who are in need of financial help, which includes title and payday loans, cheque encashment, gold buying, mortgages and equity loans. It has also patented a new yet successful lending concept known as the Reciprica Program that provides their clients with the support they desperately need. You just need an internal funding of $30,000 as a minimum and an external funding of up to 5 million dollars from other investors to finance mortgages.

C.A.I Financial is a parent company to C.A.I Loans Plus, a sub-company that comes with this business offer at no extra cost. The first franchise established in Regina, Saskatchewan has already recorded a profit of 500% within its first 6 months of operation while the Edmonton office had a financial value growth of 5133%. A total of 64 branches were planned to be set up across Canada, out of which 24 offices have already been constructed and sold. They all continue to expand because of their state-of-the-art marketing strategies, attractive real deals to customers, low operational costs and innovative advertising tactics. In addition, this endeavor is easy to supervise and has taken advantage of the potentials of the internet to improve its online presence. All these outstanding business features have paved way for the company to establish a noble reputation in the financial industry. As a matter of fact, we have already explored the international market, now selling 246 locations within the United States. There is no doubt that we are continually growing day by day, aiming for our million dollar goal as we strive to provide assistance and quality service to our customers. The more people you help, the faster you will succeed in this venture.

The business package also includes a professional 12 x 12 office room with fixtures and furniture (executive desk and leather chair, personal computer, all-in-one laser printer, display figures and custom ownership certificate with a gold emblem that is hung on the wall). Managing and organizing the franchise can be done at your most convenient time or schedule. It is also possible to relocate this business. This is absolutely a fantastic deal that you should not miss!

Detailed Information
Competition / Market / Profit Trend
The newly conceptualized Reciprica Program is not implemented by any financial institution in Canada, even across North America. This leads to little competition in the market. Apart from this innovative idea, the company is physically located within a business center. This attracts a wide range of clientele from all walks of life. At the same time, the office site creates a professional environment that makes customers trust more in the products and services that we provide.
Expansion Potential
We are already in the business expansion stage where we have established branches or franchisees not only across Canada but also in overseas, specifically in the United States. There is no limit when you decide to put your best foot forward in managing this money-making company. That is because there are numerous channels on how to promote your products and services through online marketing. This includes the company’s website, Facebook, Twitter and much more. There is also an external marketing firm that will work hand in hand in thinking and advertising innovative concepts on a monthly basis. The current owner also offers a negotiable financing scheme upon signing the venture contract.
There is a number of experienced employees assigned in the head office.
Year of Establishment
Support, cooperation & training
There will be an extensive 2-day training course provided for the new management. After that, full support will be provided by the head office anytime, which is available 24/7.
Business Category: Finance , Business Serivce

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