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Asking price $: 16,103
Sales Revenue $: Avaiblable on request        Cash Flow $: Avaiblable on request
Business Description

At Armaan Resales, we create fully functioning e-commerce stores in as little as two working weeks, with a potential for our partners to make profits from the first month of trading. Your success is our priority.

The attraction of a DropShipping operation, is that it’s possible with just a laptop to run your business anywhere, spend just a few hours a week on it, and earn a healthy income. For people who are fed up with the daily 9-5 grind, that’s hugely appealing.

Financial Freedom
Take control of your finances, allow your finances to work for you.

Time Freedom
Create your schedule and work when you want.

Location Freedom
Unmatched autonomy allows you to operate from anywhere in the world.

People from every walk of life trust Armaan Resales. You might be nearing retirement or at the start of your entrepreneurial life. DropShipping is for everyone.

Why Choose Armaan Resales?

As part of the family, you (and we!) can grow much faster and better than you would alone. Each new partner increases our buying power, leading, of course, to better pricing.

This, in turn, gives you a competitive pricing advantage over your competition, leading to increased sales and revenues. All of this means that you can run a profitable online business and give yourself the financial, time and location goals that so many people crave!

Our future plans include:

• Helping over 1,000 clients from all walks of life achieve their goals.
• Building a global network of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors operating in most countries.
• Moving away from the ‘Industrial Age’ and entering the ‘Partnership Age’.
• You can be a part of our highly select family and make these ambitions become a reality.

What Do We Do?

In short, we help our clients build up successful dropshipping businesses designed to operate with 90% automated processes & systems, meaning you will require minimal time input to get maximum results.

We run a highly exclusive operation, allowing only a handful of new applicants to join us every year. Our current numbers run at 450+, meaning each of them gets the attention and assistance they require to reach their full potential.

It’s only those we feel will make truly great partners that we bring into the fold; people who show excellent knowledge and awareness and can interact with others to make them the right kind of dynamic fit for our organisation.

Due to COVID-19, we have observed an increase in sales due to much of our competition being knocked out or remaining closed and our ability to adapt and change to suit the market, thanks to our global network.


We bring much to the table from the start of your relationship with us, including:

• Regular growth reviews with your designated account manager.
• Processing and management of orders.
• Fulfilment, shipment and delivery.
• Sourcing and negotiating with suppliers.
• Leveraging network and business relationships.
• Store development.
• 5,000+ high-quality products.
• Product titles and descriptions.
• Listing optimisation.
• Product images.
• Client onboarding training.
• Lifetime support and training.
• And much more.

Next Steps?

If you think you would be the perfect fit for an Armaan Resales Franchise, then fill in your details below, and we will get in touch to show you how we have helped our current clients enter a low risk, zero downside business model.

Detailed Information
Business Category: Media/Press/Internet

Business For Sale Marketplace In Ontario

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