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Online providers of Home Bar Products
British Columbia
Asking price $: 12,000
Sales Revenue $: Avaiblable on request        Cash Flow $: Avaiblable on request
Business Description

Pure E-commerce has provided the opportunity for you to own a well-developed and efficient website that will provide home-owners with products for their own home bars. Home bars have become quite popular over the years because home owners like to enjoy their alcoholic beverages within the confines of their homes. Home bars are great for homeowners who want a comfortable space for their evening drink or even a space for friends to come over and sit and watch the game. We have created a space where they can get all the accessories that they need to add to their home based bar. The domain name is straightforward and is also very memorable which will help to guarantee repeat visits from customers who are browsing for items on the website.

The website has a very attractive design that is easy on the eyes, it is guaranteed to appeal to all users. The website also provides a very comfortable shopping experience for the user as it is easy to browse through and simple to use. The website provides trendy and tasteful serve ware and bar decorations that will complement any style that they are trying to achieve. The website also provides the essentials that the customers will need in order to brew their own beer at home.

The company has already established vendors that will provide the products to be drop shipped to the customers. The vendors will be able to ship the products to the customers for you and this means that you will not be the one responsible for storing the inventory, all you need to do is simply run the website and collect your profit.

If this is your first e-commerce experience, you need not worry about knowing how to operate the website. As a part of your package, Pure E-commerce will provide extensive training that will give you up to 40 hours of information. There is also information that will be provided within the eLearning library that is exclusive to Pure E-commerce customers. This information will guide you throughout your first year of operation and will help you to achieve success with your new website.

Detailed Information
Features of the website
● The website is optimized to work well with all devices (your pc, tablet and smartphone)
● Attention was paid to details when the page was being designed. The page has effective page caching systems, banners that call customer to action, product review sections, image zoom, product filters, and a one page checkout option
● The website has its own premium domain name
● It has the Pure-Ecommerce Premium Shopping Cart
● It has SEO keyword names for all pages which creates a particular keyword URL
● Meta tag descriptions are completed for all categories
● A site map for the website has been submitted to Google
Support & training
Pure E-commerce provides 40 hours of Consulting & Mentoring for all new buyers. The buyer gets access to the company’s ELearning Library that contains an abundance of information. The company will provide an instructional program that gives you 10 steps to help you set the business up and start the operation and marketing process.
Business operation
This is an online business that offers you the luxury of working from home. The business is therefore versatile and can be relocated to anywhere within the world. The company has already established relationships with the vendors who will supply the products in the specific market and will transfer the information to you after the purchase. Pure E-commerce will also guide you in the process of creating new relationships with other vendors. The first 800 products that you sell will be provided by the company so you do not have to worry about storing inventory.
Additional Information
The website has its own social media pages created and they will be connected to the home page. You also get an email account and a newsletter. The company will provide unlimited technical support to assist with the website. If you wish to change the design and the domain name of the website this can be done at an additional fee.
Business Category: Media/Press/Internet , Store/Shop

Business For Sale Marketplace In British Columbia

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