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Profit-Making Convenience Store with Rental Apartment For Sale
Ottawa, Ontario
Asking price $: 576,000
Sales Revenue $: 500,000        Cash Flow $: 120,000
Business Description

Just like hitting two birds with one stone, this lucrative business opportunity in Ottawa will give you the chance to be the entrepreneur you have dreamed of and at the same time be your own landlord. Money invested on this convenience store with a rental apartment on the second floor will definitely earn big returns in no time. The retail shop is strategically located in a major city where there is a huge traffic of private and public transport, passersby and commuters. There is more than 7,000 vehicles that pass by around the vicinity where the shop is situated. A multitude of merchandise is offered by this business including a movie rental, which is sough-after by the local residents. The asking price comes with the entire store with all its facilities such as fixtures, display shelves, freezers, counters, coffee maker and cash register, among others.

The live in apartment that you can rent out on the upper level is very spacious with an area of 1,200 square foot. It has two sizable bedrooms complete with pieces of furniture and appliances such as sofa couch, dining tables and chairs, kitchen stove, fridge, washing machine, ceiling fans, kitchen cabinets and shelves, dishwasher, television, coffee table and more. Around $40,000 worth of building improvements have already been done by the existing owner. Rental from the apartment will be an extra income on top of the $100,000 projected earnings from the convenience store. You have the option to live for free in this apartment instead of renting this out. This means you can easily supervise the shop by just living upstairs, cutting the costs from having to commute from where you live to your place of business. You do not even have to hire another personnel to manage the store for you since you can do it yourself. Thus, overhead costs are minimized.

Detailed Information
Expansion Potential
Both businesses, the convenience store and the rental apartment, have already been making money for the past years. It has a big network clientele, consisting of loyal patrons who have been buying merchandise and renting videos regularly. But with more attractive marketing and advertising strategies such as promotions and discounts, you will be able to draw attention from customers living in the nearby counties. You can also expand the building space or the rental apartment by constructing another floor.
Competition / Market / Profit Trend
This business opportunity is the only retail shop with a video rental facility in the area. Since it has established a reputable image to its local patrons, it will not be dramatically affected by new shops that will be constructed around the area. Its perfect location brings forth countless number of prospect clients that have to pass by around that part of Ottawa. In addition, the monthly rent you will receiving from the apartment can build up your savings or equity.
A few trusted and well-trained employees that you can rely on in supervising the convenience store.
Support, cooperation & training
The current owner is very much willing to provide assistance during the turnover of the property and business. A comprehensive training will be provided regarding the supervision of the convenience store for a couple of weeks, until the business is smoothly transferred to the new owner.
Business Category: Hospitality , Store/Shop

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