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Profitable Canadian Immigration Agency - Immediate Immigration for new Owner
British Columbia
Asking price $: 490,000
Sales Revenue $: Avaiblable on request        Cash Flow $: Avaiblable on request
General Description

This opportunity is especially suited to those who want to quickly immigrate to Canada as Business Immigrants. The buyers will enjoy the privileged status due to the unique nature of the business, it's impeccable reputation in the eyes of the Canadian Immigration Authorities and impressive income potential. And you also have a potential of comfortably reaching $1.6 million CAD in revenue in three years.

With our immigration business booming, we are among the most efficient Canadian immigration professionals with an overall rate of success so far about 97%, and we are currently looking for a partner in BC. In light of the results of US elections and their effects on immigration in general, we thought that you might be interested in learning about the one of its kind opportunity that we currently have. More often than not, our clients asked us if we would like to open a subsidiary of our immigration agency directly in British Columbia. We listened. The idea is, instead of a subsidiary, to open an independent office in British Columbia to directly serve clients willing to settle there. Thus, we are looking for a partner to own and run this – fully independent – office in BC, whereas we will transfer our name, all the licences, reputation and winning technologies to this office. As you see, this is truly a one of its kind opportunity that will not only let the successful candidate own a prestigious Canadian immigration agency with a potential of comfortably reaching $1.6 million CAD in revenue in three years (with a minimum of $500K in revenue in the first year) but also let that person opt for the quickest path of immigration to Canada.

Our competitive advantages – that will be passed in their entirety to this office – that differentiate us from most (in some cases – all) of our competitors, are the following:

1. High success rate (97% so far). (Since our slogan “We succeed where others fail” is more than just a slogan after all…)
2. Our specialization – that constitutes almost 99% of our business and where we excel – are business immigration streams. However, the office in British Columbia will get full privileges to deal with all the immigration and visa-granting streams, without exception.
3. Our unique strategies that help immigrate, as business immigrants, those with insufficient net worth (less than $350K CAD), eliminating the need for relying on lengthy and quite demanding professional immigration streams. To our knowledge, nobody else knows how to do it successfully.
4. Around 140 pre-qualified prospective business immigration clients who can be approached by new owner(s) immediately upon the transfer (since June 2016, the demand for our services almost tripled).
5. Ability to be franchised (if desired).
6. Full training and coaching will be provided.

Again, there is a place for only one partner.

Detailed Information
Immigration Agency in BC, 97% success 
Probably one of the most successful Canadian immigration agencies (application success rate around 97%), with an investment department. We mainly specialize in business immigration (with occasional services rendered under other categories except for refugees), including permanent and temporary jobs offers in Canada (but no recruitment!), consult prospective investors on investment opportunities in Canadian businesses, ways to tie investments to successful immigration, corporate laws and other relevant topics. We also provide investment expertise for qualifying projects. Additionally, we also frequently conduct workshops, seminars and one-on-one sessions using cloud video HD services in different countries (e.g. India and countries of the Eastern Europe and Asia). We also have highly efficient solutions for prospective business immigrants who don’t have sufficient funds, which is one of our distinguishing competitive edges.
Sector: Professional Serivce

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