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Profitable Hops Farm 125 Acreage 20% Annual Return For Sale
Agassiz, British Columbia
Asking price $: 175,000
Sales Revenue $: Avaiblable on request        Cash Flow $: Avaiblable on request
Business Description

No past farming or agricultural experience necessary to operate this business. The hops farm is located on a 125-acre hop yard in Agassiz, British Columbia. An aerial schematic of the farm's layout can be viewed in the images of this post.


Detailed Information
Included In Business
- End and Line Poles, Ground Anchor's, Saddle Clamp, 1/4' aircraft cable
- 1/4' Clips, 1/8' Ferrules, Plants, Coir Twine
- Irrigation Drip Line, Main Line, Flex Hose, Misc Fittings, Valve Set
- Tractor, Storage C-Can Units, Propane Tank
Earnings Per Acre
Typically there are 900 plants per-acre and each plant produces between 1 to 2lbs (pounds) each harvest. Hops sell to breweries for between $15 - $25 per pound.
About Hops
There are several different types of hops known as hop varieties. We've focused on Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Citra and 10 other varieties. The international craft beer boom has created a shortage in hops. The hops plant has a 25 year life cycle and is harvested once per year between September - November. This means once the plant is harvested and pelletized for breweries, it will re-generate for the duration of it's 25 year life cycle.
Earnings And Financial Disclosure
Business Plan, Feasibility Study & Soil Sample reports can be made available once an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) has been authorized. The Hops Farm experiences an average of 30% ROI per annum. Cost, Gross, Net will be provided for further due diligence.
Capital Requirements:
$150,000 (Minimum $50,000 Cash with possible vendor financing on balance). If you want to learn more, and you are serious with capital in place (Partial Vendor Financing Available). Please view the website. Feel free to reach out and make contact.
Business Category: Food/Agriculture , Factory

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