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Top Rated Online Tutoring Company For Sale
Ottawa, Ontario
Asking price $: 12,000
Sales Revenue $: 45,000        Cash Flow $: Avaiblable on request
Business Description

This is a top notch tutoring business for students at the elementary and secondary school level. The business is based online and uses award winning tutors to provide the students with the educational support that they need while they sit in their own space at home or school. You will manage the administrative aspect of the business and you will also be able to do this from home.

The business is already established and has built a very strong and recognizable brand among residents in Ontario. The business has its own website that is professionally made and is currently operative. This gives it an opportunity to have an effective digital marketing strategy that gets results. Websites such as Google, Facebook and Kijiji are frequent sources for the marketing of the service to new and prospective clients.

The business has built beneficial business relationships with several primary and secondary schools within the Ontario area. These schools are provided with promotional material about the tutoring serviceand in turn they refer quite a number of parents to the services. A large number of the current students using the service were acquired this way. There aremore than 100 continuing clients who have been getting great results from the service. The service is usually utilized for the entire school year. Most clients use the service steadily from September until school ends. The demand for the service are usually highest from September straight to June each year.

This virtual tutoring service is quite easy to operate and is the perfect way to earn some passive income. You simply have to monitor the hours that the tutors work for and operate the billing of the clients and the payment to the tutors. This can be done by using a third party system to allow the tutors to easily document the hours that they have worked and a secure process to allow the financial transactions to take place.

Detailed Information
Revenue Details
The asking price for the business is C$10,000 and you are expected to earn C$50,000 per year. The earnings will be made through charging commission on the transactions between the tutors and students. The overhead costs are not very high considering that the business is virtually based. Most of your expenses will come from promotional efforts.
Features of the business
The business uses the top performing tutors on the Canadian market some having achieved educational awards. These tutors have been screened and are fully updated on the current curriculum that are being used within the secondary and elementary education in Canada. The clientele is also steadily growing as the marketing strategy for the business is very effective. The biggest advantage of the business is that it is quite easy to operate and you can do everything from the comfort of your home.
The promotional strategy is centered on a digital marketing structure that sees the business being pushed with ads on the most appropriate websites and search engines. This is effective seeing that the business itself exists in the virtual space. Over 50 schools in the Ontario area are also updated with physical promotional materials like brochures.
Business operation
The new owner’s responsibility will be tosimply oversee everything and to continue promoting the website. They will ensure that the tutor client relations are running smoothly. They will also continue to promote the business and facilitate any updates that are needed. The owner’s job will be pretty simple for the most part.
Business Category: Education , Media/Press/Internet

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