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Toronto Convenience Store For Sale
Toronto, Ontario
Asking price $: 230,000
Sales Revenue $: 200,000        Cash Flow $: 200,000
Business Description

Your one-stop shop for everything from cleaning products to groceries, fresh foods to frozen foods, and just about anything everybody needs for their home. This convenience store already has a great name recognition with sales reaching up to $1500 weekly , and a fully stocked inventory, what else could anyone ask for. So now all we are looking for is a trustworthy and a serious client who is ready to take over this business and take it to the next level.

This convenience stores reputation has been built, on the quality and freshness of the products, customer service and competitive prices. Selling goods with quality choices in food, personal care, communication, leisure, entertainment and household goods itís a complete dream land for all the women who want the best quality for their households. This is an amazing opportunity which no one would want to miss. With the easily affordable price and an already flourishing name itís a chance which doesnít stop by every day.

Convenience store is something that even if it will be located in a far off desert, I can assure you it will still have great sales because it is a necessity that people can definitely not live without. Our convenience store has reduced prices and it is stocked with the best brands and great quality products, it has everything that somebody would need for their home. The business trades successfully with a good turnover and an enviable loyal customer base and is well supported by the local community.

So whatís the wait for contact us and grab this opportunity because this is a golden chance which you definitely wonít get again so come forward and take over this convenience store. Just a little business skills and a few risks is all you need to take this business to the next level and increase its already great sales.

Detailed Information
What it offers
The business offers a wide selection of general groceries, newspapers, magazines, chilled produce, confectionery, stationary, tobacco, alcohol, beverages and a whole lot of different things that are more likely needed in household.
What this business requires
Just like any other business this business also needs a manager who can take the best decisions and manage everything in a flow because this is not an easy job one bad decision or one scandal can cause a lot of chaos so mainly this business requires a clever mind and a good risk-taker.
How to make this business a success
Having the best products and most variety is simply the best way to attract customers, importing from different countries will surely get more customers since mainly the people who have migrated prefer brands from their own countries , as they are more comfortable with those brands, and if you have those they your business can easily be a success.
Joining this business will promise you
An already fully stocked inventory ready for sale
Good public response
Lots of room for growth and advancement.
Big profits and good sales
Business Category: Store/Shop , Store/Shop

Business For Sale Marketplace In Toronto

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